Bellaforte Slate Roofing Tiles

Bellaforte Slate Roofing Tiles: Eco-Friendly, Affordable Elegance!

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Bellaforté Shake Roofing

Materials have multiple profiles to replicate the appearance of genuine hand-split cedar shakes with realistic slanted sawn edges and staggered lengths. Bellaforté Shake tiles are available in color blends that include: Aged Cedar, Black Oak, Mossy Cedar, Mountain, Tahoe, Chesapeak, Autumn and Weathered Gray. Like the Bellaforté slate line, the shake roofing tiles feature a patented, self-aligning, snap-fit design for quick and simple installation.

Like every DaVinci product, Bellaforté composite shake tiles are backed with a 50-year-limited warranty. Are you ready to bring Bellaforté shake roofing materials to your home? Contact us for assistance in product selection, color selection, project timing, and contractor selection.

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