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You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but forcibly we do anyway. It is exactly the same with a house – in the first place, we pay attention to the appearance and condition of the siding. Siding has a role beyond aesthetics – it is, of course, about insulation. When the various elements are damaged, the cost of heating your home can increase dramatically, and to make matters worse, pests such as opossums, raccoons and mice can get inside.

Is your current siding in bad shape, and are cold temperatures and wild animals not welcome in your home? If so, be sure to check out A.B. Edward’s offerings. Over the past 20 years, we have helped more than 11,000 customers, performing more than 36,000 jobs, like repairs, replacements and maintenance. We are experts in siding, windows, roofing and other exterior work. Thanks to us, your home will be stunning again!

Siding Replacement

When it comes to siding replacement or installation, there is no place for compromises. We offer a comprehensive siding replacement service on small as well as large houses, using the highest quality materials from well-known manufacturers such as Resysta, Certainteed and Mastic. Check out what specifically we can offer you:

Siding Repair

Has your siding sustained damage? We are experienced in repairing and maintaining any plastic. We also offer comprehensive wall cleaning and waterproofing services.

Why is A.B. Edward the Best Choice When it Comes to Siding?

A.B. Edward has been operating as an outside contractor for many years now. Completing various projects in Chicago’s North Shore area, we have gained trust and recognition from local residents. We have been able to achieve this thanks to the high quality of our services, favorable prices and excellent customer service.

When providing siding services, we try to be as flexible as possible. Regardless of the type of project, the results of our work always satisfy our customers. A.B. Edward’s professionalism can be evidenced by the highest possible BBB rating (we have earned an A+), more than 40% of returning customers, and hundreds of positive reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google Maps and Houzz. Of course, we also meet all formal requirements and have the appropriate insurance.

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Among the most common reasons why our customers opt for inspection siding are traces of moisture in the house, visible damage to the walls or rodents in the house.

In most cases, siding replacement should take place every 15-25. You need to remember that the weather conditions in Chicagoland are not very favorable – moisture, snow, sun and temperature changes make your siding vulnerable to a lot of damage. Of course, a lot depends on the materials used and the quality of installation – the better they are, the longer your facade will last.

Depending on the extent of the damage and the materials that need to be used, siding repair can cost anywhere from $500-1000 to $5000. The cost of such a service depends on many factors, so the best way to find out how much it is is to request a free estimate from A.B. Edward

In its 20 years on the market, A.B. Edward has already performed hundreds of siding repairs. If your home is located in Chicagoland and is made of one of the popular materials, siding repair will not be any problem for us.

Depending on the size of your home, the complexity of the project and the time of year, it can take us several to several days to repair or replace your facade. Counting the time it takes to get a quote and sign all the documents, you could have your current problem solved within 2-3 weeks of first contacting us!

Of course, repairing the siding yourself is possible, but it is not always a good idea. First of all, doing some work requires specialized knowledge and tools that you may not have. In addition, if some damage occurs, further repair may be even more expensive or even unprofitable. Each repair also requires time that you can spend resting instead of tinkering.