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Ordering siding repair services are a necessary part of homeownership. Siding can affect not only how your house is first perceived by others, but also how dry and safe your home is too. While most of your siding may look fine and be doing its job, sometimes shingles or lapped siding can sustain damage. Holes, cracks, looseness, or even rot can creep into your siding and cause significant damage to your home. If you notice any issues with your siding – it’s time to get it professionally repaired before it’s too late!

Siding replacement service chicago area
Siding repair services chicagoland

Siding Repair Services Facts

Replacing siding completely can be costly and time consuming. It’s also very difficult for the average homeowner and requires expertise to complete. To prevent needing a complete siding replacement and installation you need to maintain your siding and keep it in good repair. Any signs of damage need to be dealt with immediately and by a professional contractor to ensure you don’t accidentally cause more damage to your home.

Siding works by forming waterproof layers to create the exterior of your house. These layers begin with an waterproofing wrap that lies underneath your siding. It is imperative it stays protected and is installed correctly or it can have an adverse effect and trap moisture in rather than keeping moisture out! While this wrap can be repaired if needed, it’s crucial that if any part of it is exposed or has been damaged in addition to the siding itself – that repairs are carried out immediately.

Since siding is your first line of defense against the elements, you need to know what to look for in order to make sure it stays in good repair. Overall wear and tear gets obvious over time as parts of the siding come loose and grow more discolored over time. If your siding looks like its in poor condition all over – you may need a siding replacement. Loose or rusty nails can be indicative of siding needing repair as well. Over time nails may come loose and allow moisture in, or might rust and cause your siding to come loose. Luckily, often times issues with nails – if caught early – can be repaired easily enough.

What happens if I don't fix my siding?

Insects and mold can both invade your siding and cause massive problems if left untreated. Insects are an obvious sign of siding needing repair as their nests are often easy to see with the naked eye, or you can tell by observing the insects going in and out of a hole in your siding. Be sure if you see signs of insect infestation to look for termites as well – where one insect gets in more can follow! Mold is another big warning sign that your siding needs repair. 

You can tap areas of the siding looking and listening for rot, or in some cases can see it peeking through or under siding. Mold can become dangerous very quickly as it can rot away at your home structure or even cause allergies and illness. If you see mold call a professional to asses the damage of your siding as soon as you can. Also, remember not to go near the mold infested area, because unlike our team, you don’t have respiratory and skin protection equipment.

Cracked siding is also an obvious eyesore that can cause all sorts of damage if left unchecked. Broken pieces of siding, cracks, or parts of the siding that have completely come off are easy to spot but if left alone can be harder to repair in the long run. These larger kinds of damage may require for portions of siding to be removed and replaced, or even for parts of flashing to be repaired or replaced.

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We highly recommend calling a professional for any or your siding repair services and needs. Siding can be challenging to work with, and as there are several kinds of siding on the market only experts know the ins and outs of where hidden damage can be lurking. While DIY is certainly OK for some home exterior tasks, siding is too complicated and repairing it incorrectly can have disastrous results for your home.

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We are a local and family owned and operated company near Chicago and have been serving our customers since 2003. Our company is based on customer satisfaction, quality service, and an emphasis on doing the job correctly and efficiently. We have served 7000+ homeowners with 10,000+ jobs completed and have an unblemished A+ rating from the BBB. By choosing us, you can be sure you will be treated like family!

Our siding repair services experts are licensed, insured, and have years of expertise in the siding industry. We offer top of the line products for both siding replacement and repair, and also can advise on the best ways to keep your siding looking its best. We understand the investment that any home exterior work is to a home owner and strongly believe that proper care and maintenance can go a long way and keep you from needing frequent siding replacements. Our team is trained to look for hidden damage – so calling us ensures that not only your obvious problems are fixed but also any that you may not have spotted.

In addition to our expertise in siding, A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. also offers several other home exterior services including roofing repair and replacement, gutter repair and replacement, and even windows, doors, and decks! If you are looking for help with your home exterior or even just siding repair please contact us today and we will be happy to set up an appointment and provide you with a quote.

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