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Pick the Solution That Conquers Chicago - ACM Panels

We are happy to note that more and more homeowners from Chicago and close by areas are choosing to install ACM Wall Panels. This is not happening without reason – these innovative products combine excellent durability with good insulation properties and timeless design. Thanks to an outer shell made of aluminum, ACM Wall Panels are extremely resistant to outdoor conditions. Rain, UV radiation or dust do not affect the appearance of the cladding even for many years, and washing the walls is trivial.

We have served dozens of Chicago clients and so far, every one of them has been satisfied with their ACM panels. With careful installation and the use of materials from top manufacturers, you get a facade that will last for many years – Reynobond provides a 20-year warranty on its products.

Residential as Well as Commercial Use

ACM panels work well on residential buildings as well as on schools, libraries, offices or stores. It’s up to you what colors and patterns you decide on – we’re sure to find a model to your liking. If you need help with designing your home exterior, we will also help you, as we work with several designers. Raynobond panels are ideal for industrial applications, as they are resistant to minor mechanical damage. We have also installed them in interiors of buildings.

Why Replace Vinyl Siding With ACM Panels?

Many of our customers choose to replace vinyl siding with ACM panels. Their decisions are often the result of mounting frustration – their existing cladding was getting dirty, faded from the sun, and even cracked. Often there was also serious damage after hailstorms, which was simply not cost-effective to repair. Although a well-made siding replacement guarantees that a home’s facade will be durable and weatherproof for many years, the durability of ACM panels is second to none.

If you also choose to replace the underlayment, together we can create walls that are not only durable, but also well insulated. This is very important, because the better the membrane you use, the more stable and pleasant the conditions inside will be. The old siding technologies are not so refined, and this results in mold in some Chicagoland homes, which is definitely not safe for residents.

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Raynobond provides a 20-year warranty on its products.

Depending on the complexity of the project, we install the facade panels in a few days or more. To find out when we can take care of your home, contact customer service.

We install wall panels from Raynobond and other ACM manufacturers throughout Chicagoland, but we have completed the most projects in our state’s largest city, Chicago. From time to time we show up in Wisconsin too.

We have to admit that yes, ACM panels cost a little more than vinyl or cedar siding. However, it is worth noting that the differences are not so great that the installation of solutions from Raynobond is not cost-effective. ACM panels are also very durable, so in the long run, their purchase can be a very profitable investment.

One of the great advantages of sandwich wall panels is their very short installation time. Thanks to their large size and relatively simple placement system, the construction crew needs less time to complete the job, and this, of course, greatly reduces costs. For many homes, the installation of ACM panels takes less than a week, and it happens to be 3 days.