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Siding Replacement Services are key to the maintenance of your home. Siding is more than just an aesthetic choice for your home, it’s also your home’s first and most crucial line of defense against the elements.

Siding keeps your home safe and dry from rain, protected from insects, and also helps provide insulation. Damaged siding needs to be replaced sooner rather than later to prevent further damage to your home. To replace your siding you will need to contact an expert as soon as possible as siding replacement is a difficult job that requires skill and special tools.

Why and when should you order siding replacement services?

Siding can be made of variable materials, and all of them require some sort of regular maintenance to ensure they stay their strongest and continue to do their job. However, wear and tear as well as damage from the elements is an unfortunate fact of life and sometimes your siding will need to be replaced if your home is to stay safe. Siding that is left to further decay can allow for insects to build nests in your home, moisture leaks, mold growth, and severe water damage to the structure of your house. Cracks, fading, leaks, and pieces of completely broken off siding are all warning signs that your siding needs help and now!

It may be tempting to try and replace your siding on your own – with the creation and recent emphasis on DIY it sure can look easy. However, we recommend calling a professional at least for an inspection to see if there is hidden damage to your home that needs repair. If you try to undertake siding replacement by yourself, you could easily cause more damage to your home, trap in moisture, or end up needing another replacement sooner than you thought due to installation problems.

The process of siding replacement is complicated and involves complete removal of all previous siding and cladding. While it may be tempting to not replace siding that looks like it is in good repair, it’s safer to remove it all and start from scratch. After the removal of the old siding and cladding, a moisture barrier and wrap must be installed properly to ensure that moisture does not get into your home or its internal support structure. The doors and windows will also require new flashing for the new siding to be able to do its job.

After all this preparation new siding can be installed. But it must be done precisely, and each siding material will require different techniques for handling and installation. Vinyl siding is very different from fiber cement siding in both the way it protects your home, its options in terms of benefits, and how it has to be treated by the installation crews. Be sure to ask about what products are available on the market and what their maintenance needs wills be in the future when you are scheduling your siding replacement services. We will give you an honest opinion on our products and if we think they will be a good fit for your needs and your home. 

New siding can give your home a real boost in both curb appeal and monetary value. Fiber cement siding and vinyl siding all come in a variety of colors and textures so you can customize the look of your home with complementary shades on your flashing, trim, and siding. A new and cleaner color of siding with no damage will certainly increase your curb appeal, particularly if you pair it with new windows, doors, or gutters. If you are considering selling your home in the next few years new siding can also increase what your home is worth.

New siding is less worn, does its job better, and is more attractive to both buyers and appraisers who will be tasked with determining the value of your house. If you choose, you can pair your new siding with new gutters or windows and watch your home’s value increase even more!

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Why Choose A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc.

A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. has been serving the Chicagoland area with its expertise in siding since 2003. We are proud to say we have an unblemished A+ rating from he BBB, and even more importantly, we have served over 7000+ homeowners with 10,000+ jobs completed since we first opened our doors.

Our main emphasis is on customer service and satisfaction – in fact over 70% of our business is generated from word of mouth referrals from past and current customers. In addition to our siding replacement services, we also offer many other home exterior repairs and installations. From roofing to gutters to windows, we do it all and are happy to help with any of your home exterior questions and needs. 

We have experts who know and make a difference. Different materials require different kinds of attention and handling, our teams have experience with a wide array of materials, know how to spot hidden damage to keep it from spreading in your home, and exceptional attention to detail. It can be hard to find a contractor that is truly knowledgeable in more than one material, and capable of handling difficult jobs to a time table.

We can provide the very best in services and materials for your home, and are happy to even provide regular maintenance and inspections.

If you have been considering replacing or siding, or want to know if your siding needs to be replaced, contact us today and we will be happy to send a team of experts to provide you with a quote as well as details of the work that needs to be done.  

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