High Quality Decking Services in Chicagoland

Even the most beautiful and luxurious home will not be complete without a terrace. It is this piece of garden architecture that makes spending time outdoors more pleasant and allows us to comfortably prepare meals in the garden. That’s why we offer comprehensive terrace services – from constructing new terraces to painting, maintaining and repairing them.

Why Should You Keep Your Deck in Good Condition?

Temperature Considerations

Every deck is exposed to weather conditions such as UV radiation, water, heat, cold and wind. For this reason, over time, the boards are subject to damage – they can lose their original color, rot, and even break and crumble. In addition to an unsightly appearance, such damage can be dangerous and costly – a thorough replacement of the entire structure will be much cheaper than regular maintenance, and a violent breakage of a decking board can end in an accident. Can you imagine what will happen to a child standing just in this place?

Regular maintenance of the terrace and ongoing repairs are not a big challenge – just order a visit from the specialists at A.B. Edward once a year. In one afternoon, we will protect your terrace for many months. Decking services from A.B. Edward is the best choice when it comes to taking care of your home’s exterior.

Our Decking Services

New Construction

A new terrace is the beginning of a new adventure! If your family’s life doesn’t yet take place in the garden, it’s high time to change that with an elegant new deck. We offer solutions for every budget, made using a wide range of materials. Depending on your requirements, we will design a small or large terrace.

Renovation & Repair

If, due to the passage of time, your terrace no longer looks as good as when it was new, we can also help you. Our decking team has already performed dozens of terrace renovations of various surfaces and materials. 

Why A.B. Edward?

A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. has teams of experts familiar with all kinds of home exterior services, and has helped over 10,000 homeowners with around 36,000 jobs completed. The quality of our services can be evidenced by plenty of positive reviews on Google Maps, Yelp, Houzz and Facebook. If you are interested in decking services, like deck installation or deck replacement, you certainly found the best contractor in Chicagoland!

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Our company works with many designers who specialize in small garden architecture. In addition to excellent design, the terraces designed by us will be characterized by stability, sturdiness and resistance to mildew thanks to proper workmanship.

The vast majority of defects are due to wear and tear and can be easily seen. Our customers often call for help when they discover that one of the boards has broken, or the wood has changed color due to aging. Sometimes, however, defects are not so visible and involve underdecking or invisible parts of the terrace. It is for this reason that it is worth ordering a deck inspection on a regular basis, which will allow defects to be detected more quickly.

Terraces are exposed to water, sun and varying temperatures, so the materials used for their construction or renovation must be very durable. Depending on your budget, requirements and location, we can offer you both natural wood decking and composite decking. We may also be able to suggest you a stone terrace – A.B. Edward also provides masonry services throughout Chicagoland.

Of course, each of our services comes with a warranty. Its length depends, among other things, on the material used. If you want long protection, ask your customer advisor about the possibility of installing composite decking.

By far the best time of year to build a terrace is summer – the risk of rain that could damage unpainted wood is low. If you can’t wait until summer, you might also consider contacting us during the rest of the year.

When it comes to terrace maintenance, the matter is a little more complicated. First of all, with some repairs it is impossible to wait until June. For ongoing replacements, we often come to clients even in January and February. Of course, we also try to paint the wood during warm and sunny days, as the varnish needs to dry well to protect your terrace from the sun and weather.