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A.B. Edward’s roofing team is a group of top experts in their field. With more than 36,000 orders from more than 10,000 customers, we have had the opportunity to prove ourselves in all conditions. We use the best equipment and materials available, employ above-average specialists and take care of every detail of the project. We perform roof replacements of any structure and pitch. If something is a roof, we can handle it!

Roof Materials we Replace

Although the technology used to install asphalt shingles is different from the one we use to lay natural slate, we can guarantee that we can handle anything. Don’t wait – find out what we can offer you.

How do I know if my roof should be replaced?

Damaged shingle roof

Assessing the condition of the roof yourself is not easy, but if you sense that there is an odor of mold or moisture in the attic, you see mold or parts of the roof have started to fall off, it is essential to order a professional inspection. In addition to the defects that can be seen at first glance, there are also a mass of less noticeable problems. Many of our clients call for inspections after hailstorms, which often cause massive damage, especially to cedar roofs. 

There are many options when it comes to replacing a roof. Many materials are available on the market – all with their pros and cons. Asphalt, cedar, slate, metal, and synthetic slate and shake are all excellent roofing choices, and we can help you make the right one when it comes to your house. We offer excellent quality products so no matter what you choose you can rest easy knowing that your roof will be durable, stylish, and long lasting.

Our team of experts is licensed, certified, and insured – with years of experience in roofing and home exterior installation and repair. We offer limited warranties on many of our roofing materials, and also carry out roofing repairs and maintenance – which are key to a long lasting and great looking roof. Be sure to ask about regular maintenance and inspections for your roof after its installation – we will be happy to help!


Mold usually appears under the roof and attacks its wooden parts. You can recognize it by black, dark gray or brown spots. It may be accompanied by an unpleasant musty or damp smell. As soon as you identify the problem, leave the attic immediately and call A.B. Edward – mold produces poisonous toxins that can have very serious effects on your health. Typically, a roof replacement will be necessary.

Roof replacement and maintenance - mold

Hail damages

In Chicagoland, hailstorms often cause very serious damage. Large lumps of ice can very seriously damage not only your car, but also your roof and skylights. Fortunately, many cases only end with roof repair, not complete replacement. If you find shingles on your lawn, be sure to call for an inspection, as there is a risk that your roof is no longer watertight.



Nothing lasts forever, not even the best roofs. If your house was covered with asphalt shingles or cedar many years ago, there is a high risk that micro-damage has already developed. Of course, you won’t see any negative symptoms at first, but when a hailstorm occurs, you may find that the roof begins to fall apart. It’s very important to regularly inspect older buildings for this condition and react quickly enough.

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Our Roof Replacement Products

We use the highest quality materials to perform roof replacement services. We work with top manufacturers such as GAF, DaVinci, Henry, Pac-Clad and Ludowici.

  • GAF (TPO and Asphalt Shingles)
  • – Pac-Clad
  • DaVinci
  • – Henry Blueskin

We can advise on the care and keeping of any of our products to help you make the best decision possible for your home, whether it be asphalt shingles or cedar shake! Ensure your newly replaced roof stays in good repair to keep your home protected from the elements year round. We also provide guttering services to help keep your roof and home safe from rain and snow. 

Why A.B. Edward is perfect choice for roof replacement?

We are a local, family owned and operated company in the Chicago area. Over the past 20 years we have proudly served over 7000+ homeowners with 10,000+ jobs completed and have maintained an unblemished A+ rating with the BBB. We stand by our work and always make sure we do the job correctly, efficiently, and on time. Our team is happy to discuss the many available roofing options we have for you and provide a quote after an inspection. 

We specialize in home exterior repairs, remodeling and installation. In addition to our repair and roof replacement services, we also offer siding repair and replacement, gutter replacement and repair, window replacement and installation, and several patio, deck, and terrace options as well. We know the best ways to get your home looking its best!

Our focus is on our customers, as can be seen by our many positive reviews. We put our customers first and treat them like we would treat our family! Choosing our company is choosing quality products, excellent service, and peace of mind for your home. If you have been considering replacing your roof, contact us today for an estimate. We have already helped hundreds of clients from Glenview, Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka and many other locations north of Chicago.

If you are interested in our roof replacement services, call A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. at (847) 827-1605. Our main headquarters is located in WHEELING, IL 

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