Custom Metal Roofing

Safety And Weather Resistance

Metal roofs have been convincing homeowners with their performance for many years. Resistance to hail, strong winds and heavy rainfall make it an excellent solution for years to come. Roofs made of metal can withstand up to 50 years of use in conditions typical of the Chicago North Shore area. By choosing this technology, you gain peace of mind, comfort and resistance to the harshest weather conditions.

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For Residential And Commercial Use

Thanks to their perfectly smooth surfaces, thick anti-corrosion coating and modern installation systems, the custom metal roofs we build in Glenview, Highland Park and Evanston surprise with their versatility, durability and robustness. They are the perfect solution for homeowners as well as for comercial exterior projects. The comprehensive warranty we provide gives you peace of mind that nothing will happen to your roof for many years to come.

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Metal Roofing in Chicag North Shore? Only With A.B. Edward!

We are a leading exterior and roofing services contractor in Illinois. Our company has been in existence for 20 years, and during this time, we have already served more than 11,000 clients while completing as many as 36,000 projects. A.B. Edward is a guarantee of reliability, modernity and the highest possible quality at a reasonable price. By choosing us, you gain:

  • Guarantee under excellent conditions;
  • Short lead times;
  • Affordable prices.

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We can install a custom stainless steel or aluminum roof on virtually any building. Our clients are most often owners of medium to large homes in the Chicago suburbs. The complexity of the design and the shape of the building does not matter much, although roofs with many folds are more expensive to make.

As much as possible. We are a brand that is recognized throughout Chicagoland and we care deeply about your satisfaction.