Seasonal Roof and Gutter Maintenance Services

Seasonal roof and gutter maintenance services | AB Edward Enterprises, Inc.

Did you know that most leaky roofs are not located exactly where the leak spot is visible. When water enters your home through even the smallest cracks in your roof, it usually flows on the underside of sheathing or rafters until it hits a nail, a standard knot in the wood or some other protrusion, and then falls.

Inside attics you can locate the source of the leak by looking where the water is coming down from and tracing the wet pattern using a standard flashlight until you find the source.If it’s a bright day outside, simply turn the attic lights off and look across the entire attic for any pinholes of sunlight coming into the home. If you see the light coming in,  just mark the areas with a marker, pen or chalk. 

To patch the hole, use store-brand “silicone caulk” (from the inside of the attic). Then cut a 3/8” plywood patch that is roughly 3 times larger than the hole. “Using white glue” (from the ceiling side), secure  it to the ceiling using ½” nails so it doesn’t move while the glue dries. This should stop the leak, but it might only be temporary depending on the condition of your roof.  Remember, any leak is a sign that a new roof or at least a serious roof repair is needed. Moreover, you shouldn’t wait with roof and gutter maintenance till you spot the humidity.

OR, if you want one of our experienced roofing technicians to come out and assess the situation, call A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc today at (847) 827-1605 to get your leaky roof patched and to find out exactly what you need done to completely repair your roof. Roof leaks can do serious and expensive damage to your home over time, let our award winning crew save you time and money!

The most important part of gutter maintenance - cleaning

Damp, decaying leaves packed inside gutters and downspouts block water from moving and can cause gutters to sag, bend, or break. In addition, certain leaves and pine needles release acidic chemicals when they rot, eating through the metal of your gutters.

The 4 most common ways of cleaning gutters are:

  • Get up on a ladder and remove the leaves and other debris by hand.
  • If you can safely reach the gutter from a window, dislodge the buildup with a broomstick.
  • Buy a special gutter cleaning attachment for your garden hose, which will create a powerful spray you can aim at the blockage.
  • Call us and forget about it.

You know how much your time is worth. You can hassle with these household problems, or call A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc at (847) 827-1605 to have someone who deals with roof repair and gutter maintenance on a daily basis come and make these problems go away.