Cedar Roofing

Delightful Appearance and Smell

For good reason, cedar roofs have been extremely popular throughout Chicagoland for many years now. Its natural origin, good mechanical properties and ease of maintenance make the wood an excellent material. Although synthetic material manufacturers such as DaVinci Roofscapes and GAF are doing their best to make their shakes and tiles just as perfect, cedar still has a huge group of enthusiasts who wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Ease of Maintenance

Over the past 2 decades, A.B. Edward has already taken care of thousands of roofs. If the installation has been carried out in a suitably professional manner, a roof made of cedar will not require repairs for up to 15-20 years. The wood we use is subjected to special treatment, which involves additional maintenance of the shakes surface. As a result, regular cleaning and waterproofing every few years is enough to keep your roof tight and looking good.

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Cedar Roof in Chicagoland? Only With A.B. Edward!

A.B. Edward is not just a roof installer. We are also their manufacturers, so that our services are not only favorably priced, but also of the highest quality. We are able to carry out any project, and thanks to the experience accumulated during 36 thousand jobs, we have proven to our customers that we fully deserve to be called a leader in our industry.

When you choose our services, you gain, among other things:

  • Guarantee under excellent conditions;
  • Short lead times;
  • Affordable prices.

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We can install a wooden roof on virtually any building. Our clients are most often owners of medium to large homes in the Chicago suburbs. The complexity of the design and the shape of the building does not matter much, although roofs with many folds are more expensive to make.

The vast majority of cedar roofs are more expensive than those made of asphalt shignles. Trees from which suitable wood can be obtained are relatively few, as cedars grow very slowly. On the other hand, the price differences are not as great as they might seem. Natural wood is sometimes cheaper than synthetic products, although this is not the rule. For current prices, contact us. Our customer service department will prepare a quote for you as soon as possible.

As much as possible. We are a brand that is recognized throughout Chicagoland and we care deeply about your satisfaction.