Everything You Wanted To Know About Fiber Cement Siding

All About James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Benefits

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your siding, perhaps you should consider Fiber Cement siding.

If you are looking for potential upgrades to your home, you will want to balance durability, long-term value, and affordability of each project. You also want to make sure that you’re getting a good return on investment should you decide to sell your home. Fiber Cement Siding will improve the look and value of your house, while acting as a powerful barrier to the elements.

What is Fiber Cement

Fiber Cement siding is a material that’s easy to install and finish. It is termite resistant, non-combustible, and has a 25-year manufacturer warranty. Worried about the aesthetic? It has the natural and elegant appearance of wood siding, but at a fraction of the installation and maintenance costs.

It’s Eco-Friendly

We care about the environment and so do many of our customers! Many homeowners are considering the effect of their actions on the environment and are making decisions to be more eco-friendly. Fiber Cement siding is manufactured from naturally occurring materials such as water, sand, and wood pulp. There are no gases or petrochemicals from production, and these materials are recyclable and environmentally safe. Other forms of siding materials, such as vinyl use gas and other toxins that are dangerous to the health and environment. Vinyl and other plastic based materials are also not recyclable.


Another benefit of Fiber Cement siding is its high durability and ability to endure severe weather conditions that would warp or damage other materials such as paint and vinyl siding. This siding holds up against hail, sleet, snow, rain, long-term sun exposure and can maintain its appearance for decades. Also, it is resistant to insects, fire, and other sources of heat. Fiber Cement siding can also last for 30 years or more, which will be a great benefit when you decide to sell your home.

Better Returns on Your Investment

Like other home upgrade material, the installation of Fiber Cement siding is an amazing investment in your home. When compared to other types of materials, this siding has been proven to provide increased returns on your investment when reselling your home. Fiber Cement siding does not only increase the value of your home, but it reduces energy use and it efficiently reduces your monthly heating and cooling expenses. Potential buyers of your home will be thrilled to see that the siding selected for your home looks great and can also help them save more money on expenses.


Natural looking and durable Fiber Cement
Natural looking and durable Fiber Cement


When planning to perform a large upgrade in your home, it’s always important to weigh all your options such as cost and long-term value. If you want an option that’s environmentally friendly, saves significant energy and can last for decades, Fiber Cement siding is the perfect choice for you. If you’re interested in installing Fiber Cement siding for your home contact us today!

James Hardie® fiber cement products combine beautiful design with high performance. Time and time again, they beat out competitors on both curb appeal and durability. Enter your Zipcode below to see all of your available James Hardie options. A.B. Edward is a James Hardie Preferred Remodeler.

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