Pella Wood Systems

Pella Commercial Multi-Family Wood Installation Systems

Pella® wood products are appropriate for all types of wall conditions — whether for new construction, everyday renovation projects or high-profile historical restorations. And we have a full range of installation accessories to accommodate the installation of Pella windows and doors in virtually any structure.

Installation Methods

There are four primary methods of attaching Pella® aluminum-clad wood windows in new construction: fins, clips, receptors and anchorage through the frame.

Fin Installation

Fin installation is applicable when construction methods permit window and door units to be installed from the exterior prior to the application of exterior cladding, such as lap siding, brick veneer or stucco.


Clip Installation

Clip installation is applicable when construction materials or sequence dictates the window units be installed from the interior or after the wall system is completely constructed.



Receptors are used for multistory buildings requiring installation from the interior or when a more robust installation method is desired.


Anchor Through Frame

Anchors through the frame are used when wall conditions or construction sequence requires installation from inside the building.