Maibec Genuine Wood Sidings

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Wood, a unique and universal resource entrusted to Man by nature, is the material that has allowed humanity to develop life on the five continents. Although renewable, wood must be treated with respect to insure responsible use and sustainability. Maibec’s goal is to enhance the value of wood through the efficient and profitable production of useful goods.

Get inspired!

You can achieve stunning effects with the right mix of materials and colour. But should you use a pale or dark shade as your primary colour, contrasting accent colours or those in the same colour palette? How do you coordinate various materials? Discover maibec’s nautilia , balsamia , provincia and terra Inspirations. Each one suggests various combinations of siding, shingles and colours that bring out the full potential of maibec sidings. So let your imagination run wild and create your own unique inspirations!

Create a unique look

You can mix and match various types of profiled siding (horizontally and vertically), or even combine profiled siding with white cedar shingles. When it comes to finishing, consider mouldings. They will enhance your home’s details and make it truly unique. Depending on your taste, mouldings can be of the same or another colour as your siding. If you opt for a different colour, favour those in the same family of colours but in a few shades lighter or darker.

A paler shade will create an impression of grandeur while a darker shade will produce the opposite effect, which can be desirable with an oversized wall or to emphasize certain architectural details.

Choosing Your Colours

Choosing a colour always comes down to a question of taste and perception. So it will be your personality more than anything else that expresses itself through the shades and shapes you choose.

A few things to keep in mind when making your choice:

  • – Your neighbourhood: Walk around and take a close look at your surroundings. Even if your home is unique, it should complement your nearby neighbours and landscape.
  • – The colours of your home’s roof, stone or brickwork should complement those of your maibec siding.
  • – The home’s orientation: It’s important to know how your home is oriented.
  • – If your home is in a wooded area, favour shades of brown or green. Dark colours that are not directly exposed to the sun will retain their lustre much longer.
  • – If your home receives direct sunlight, yellow or white shades are ideal. The sun will enhance their inherent radiance, making your home simply resplendent. Keep in mind, though, that pale shades tend to dirty more quickly.