Perfection Through Craftsmanship

WindsorONE is one of the oldest and most reputable companies producing trim made from natural wood. With more than 50 years of history, traditional craftsmanship and superior materials, the trim boards manufactured by WindsorONE are a premium product that is sure to increase the value of your home.

Tradition & Sustainability

Trim accessories manufactured by WindsorONE are unique. By using natural wood painted with water-based varnishes, all its products are much safer for the environment and people. WindsorONE, by using specific varieties of pine grown in the United States, reduces its carbon footprint and makes your home closer to nature.

The slogan “health starts at home” is not an empty platitude – natural resins and water-based varnishes protect against rot and mold, while not emitting harmful substances, which is the case with some vinyl trims and siding. But that’s not the end of environmental friendliness – at the end of their life, WindsorONE products can be completely recycled, and thus, the entire life cycle of this trim is much more sustainable.

Patriotism & Bonding With The Homeland

Every WindsorONE trim board is manufactured in the United States. As a family owned and operated company, WindsorONE is responsible for every step, from the cutting of the trees in the forest to the final quality inspections of the finished pieces taking place in two factories – one in Surry, VA and the other, located in Willits, Ca. The resulting trim impresses not only with its quality – it also supports local businesses and sawmills.

The company’s attention to small, locally-owned businesses, use of native tree species and hand-processing of wood make WindsorONE a top trim manufacturer for those who care about the development of local communities.

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