A Spring Roof Checkup Could Save You Money and Possibly Your Home

Will Your Roof Make It Through Another Summer? Get A Roof Checkup

While the winter dangers to your roof are well documented, it is easy to overlook the challenges that warmer weather can produce. Now that the harsh winter is over and the weather is heating up, you may think you are out of the woods, and that the roof over your head will easily survive another season. But before you breathe that sigh of relief, you need to understand just how dangerous the summer season can be. It’s time for a roof checkup.

Summer may be a time of pool parties and backyard barbecues, but it is also a time of severe thunderstorms, dangerous hail and lightning strikes. If you are not careful, you could end the summer with a damaged roof – and a big repair bill for your troubles.

That is why it is so important to have your roof thoroughly inspected now before the first summer storm comes your way. The spring season is the perfect time to have your roof checked out, so you can enjoy a carefree summer season and not worry about a thing.

Now that the last traces of ice and snow are gone, it may be tempting to climb up on the roof and take a look. Many homeowners take the DIY approach to roof inspection, but that can be a very bad idea.

Aside from the dangers posed by unsteady ladders, there is a real chance you will actually damage the roof as you conduct your do-it-yourself inspection. Without an expert’s eye to guide you, it is all too easy to knock a shingle loose or overlook a damaged gutter or downspout.

Instead of risking your neck climbing a ladder and risking your roof with a DIY inspection, do yourself a favor and hire a pro to do the work. An experienced roofing contractor will know exactly what to look for, and they will be able to spot small problems you may have missed. By hiring a pro, you will enjoy real peace of mind – peace of mind that can last all summer long.

Whether you live in the country or in the middle of the city, you rely on your roof to keep you safe, warm and dry. If you cannot remember the last time you had your roof inspected, the spring season is the perfect time to do it. Having your roof inspected now will allow you to have a wonderful summer, one where you can watch those thunderstorms roll in without worrying about the integrity of your roof.

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