Slate Repair and Installation Company – Evanston, IL

Slate Repair and Installation Company – Evanston, IL

Whether it is a basic slate repair, slate tile rebuilding, or a complete re-roofing of your building in Evanston, IL, A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. performs all work in strict accordance with the 1927 National Slate Association Standards. Our inventory stock of new and re-utilized slate roofing tiles include a huge number of slate and tile in every shade and size possible. This helps us match and focus on getting your home a perfectly designed appearance for your roof tile.

Example of Damaged Slate Roof Tiles
Example of Damaged Slate Roof Tiles

Are you experiencing defective or weather damaged slate on your Evanston, IL home?

Did you know that one of the major failure spots of slate roofing is the flashing? Over time flashings can wear out much earlier than the actual slate roof covering itself. Roof valleys, dormer areas, and around roof penetrations is where the flashings can be found . Typical flashing materials include copper, sheet metal, lead coated steel, and lead. A simple rule is “when they fail, they need to be replaced immediately”. Often the flashings can be replaced by removing sections of the slates, installing new flashings and then re-roofing with the same slates in exactly the same location from where they were removed.

Since serving the Chicagoland area since 2003, we have noticed that most slate roofing problems stem from poor installation and repair practices. Slate tile roofs are a very specialized trade and product. This means it is important that your slate roof should only be repaired by a qualified slate roofing expert. Often roofing tar and patching on the surface of the roof can be viewed. Your roof should be inspected each year by a slate roof specialist. This is helpful in identifying any broken or missing tiles, rather then waiting until your roof starts leaking. If you are interested in getting a FREE ESTIMATE on your Evanston, IL home, please call us at (847) 827-1605 or click the free estimate link on this page.

Check out our beautiful line of DaVinci synthetic slate and shake roofing tiles:

Single Width Slate | Multi-Width Slate | Bellaforte Slate/Shake | Fancy Shake | Interactive Project Location Map

A few slate roofing homes we have repaired or installed slate tile on.

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