New Roof: Increasing Your Homes Value

How a New Roof Increases Your Home’s Value

If you are wondering whether it is worth the time and cost to install a new roof on your home, there are important points to consider. A new roof can increase your home’s value in a number of ways, like reducing heating and cooling costs, or merely boosting your property’s appearance and curb appeal.

These factors, of course, also improve your home’s resale value. Remarkably, despite how much it can improve home value, few people think of new roofing as a way to boost their property investment. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider a new roof if you want to increase your home’s value.


New Roofing’s Benefits for Home Value

New roofing increases homes’ resale value by an average of $12,000. That means that new roofing outpaces finished basements, remodeled bathrooms, replaced windows, new or remodeled decks, garage additions, and many other remodeling projects.

A homeowner who adds a new roof recover an average of 62.9 percent of the roof’s installation costs, simply because of the increased value of their property. Even adding a bathroom or installing a backup generator does not have as high of a return on investment as new roofing.

A new roof can drastically improve your home’s resale value. However, it is also an excellent aesthetic improvement. Installing something like architectural-grade asphalt shingles, cedar roofing, or metal gives you a variety of texture and color options. Almost any of these are appealing to potential buyers.

Many shingle types now exist that allow you to simulate a rustic slate appearance or any number of distinct looks. There have never been more options for your new roof.

Additionally, installing a new roof comes with a longer warranty than in previous years. Traditionally, standard asphalt shingles had warranties of 15 to 20 years. However, premium asphalt shingles now often come with warranties of 30, 40, or even 50 years, depending on the type and quality. Color roof technology also allows Energy Star certified shingles to be installed on your roof. These special shingles are specifically designed to reflect the sun’s heat and lower cooling costs. You can improve your home’s value and be environmentally friendly too.

Installing a new roof on your home also helps avoid inspection issues during the sales process. Your roof is one of your home’s most noticeable features to buyers but also to inspectors and appraisers. Roofing that is in bad shape can delay or even unravel potential deals. Installing a new roof before you begin the selling process can dramatically improve your home’s listing price and what potential buyers are willing to pay. A new roof can also keep a good deal from falling through in the first place.


Installing new roofing is a major investment of time and money. This is what makes it so important to hire a proven, reliable roofing company for any roofing projects. Some roofing companies may try to get you to pay more than you need, while others will cut quality for higher profits and easier installation.

A trustworthy roofing company will help you select exactly what you need based on your budget, aesthetic tastes, and your home’s needs. They will also break down costs for you so you can clearly see what you are paying for.

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