Make Your Home’s Gables Pop with James Hardie Siding

Make Your Home’s Gables Pop with James Hardie Siding

When eyeing homes while walking through the Chicago suburbs, you’ll likely take in gables galore. Gables—the triangular peak on the exterior walls of a home formed by a sloping roof—are an architectural style that trickles through the sprawling Chicago suburbs. Whether the home is a Victorian beauty or a quaint Arts and Crafts cutie, highlighting its peaks can be simple with some standout siding.

For some design inspiration, here’s a peek at three homes cladded with James Hardie® siding that highlight their glorious gables

Monochromatic Victorian:

When taking in this bright white Midwest home, one’s eyes are immediately drawn to the peak. The homeowner chose ColorPlus® HardiePlank® lap siding in Arctic White for the home’s body and gables for a consistent home hue.

Monochromatic Victorian by James Hardie
Monochromatic Victorian by James Hardie

Creamy Craftsman with Trim:

This beautiful craftsman suburban home is decked out in ColorPlus HardiePlank lap siding in Woodland Cream. The trim is a darker beige for contrast, and allow the gables to pop by outlining the periphery of both triangles.

Creamy Craftsman with Trim by James Hardie
Creamy Craftsman with Trim by James Hardie

However you decide to clad your home’s peaks—whether it’s blending the color with the body’s hue, highlighting with a contrasting trim or accenting the gables in shingles—using James Hardie products in the process comes with a barrage of benefits.

Hardie Shingle Half Rounds Farm House
Hardie Shingle Half Rounds Farm House

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