Fraser Wood Siding

Solid Wood Siding by Fraser

Frasier Solid Wood Siding Styles
Fraser Solid Wood Siding Styles

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Frasier Siding
Fraser Siding

Fraser Wood Siding combines the natural beauty of wood with state-of-the-art technological advances, making it your ideal choice for beauty, durability and design flexibility. Fraser Wood Siding is manufactured according to one of the industry’s strictest production processes and is available in an infinite number of colours. The result is an exceptionally durable natural wood siding that adds value to any project.

Natural beauty
Nothing compares to the natural splendor of real wood. Each individual board has its own distinct grain, giving your project its own unique look.

Design versatility
Fraser Wood Siding is available in a range of styles and colours, offering you the versatility to complement any architectural design. Fraser Wood Siding also offers a full assortment of trim and accessories to personalize your project.

The key to siding durability lies in the factory finishing process, where the wood is thoroughly dried and then stained before leaving for the job site. We strictly adhere to this pre-finishing process and then apply premium quality Cabot Factory Finish stain to all sides of each board in an ideal, controlled environment. The result is an eye-catching natural wood siding that resists even the harshest of environments for a long period of time.

Frasier Siding
Fraser Siding

Factory stained
Factory finished wood siding from Fraser Wood Siding uses premium quality Cabot Factory Finish, assuring the best protection of your wood investment. Available in an unlimited number of custom colours, Cabot Factory Finish is formulated exclusively for machine application, is applied to all sides of the board and is guaranteed for 20 years.

Low maintenance
Since Fraser Wood Siding is factory finished, you won’t need to re-stain it for many years. This puts our product squarely in the low-maintenance category.

Adds value
Fraser Wood Siding’s natural beauty and design versatility will add value to any project. That, combined with Fraser Wood Siding’s exceptional durability will help you maintain the value of your wood investment for many years to come.

Unlimited colour selection
Fraser Wood Siding is factory finished with premium quality Cabot Factory Finish, which provides you with the best protection of your wood investment. Fraser Wood Siding is available in an unlimited number of custom colours. Our colour selection is only limited by your imagination!

Profile Options

1″x4″ 1″x6″ 1″x8″ 1″x10″
1 – Cove
2 – Shiplap with V-join
3 – Channel
4 – Clapboard
5 – Bevel with Shiplap
6 – Board & Batten