Hardie Board Siding: (13 Benefits of James Hardie Siding)

What Is James Hardie Siding?

James Hardie Siding, also recognized as HardiePlank siding or fiber-cement siding, is made of an amalgamation of cellulose fibers, Portland cement, and sand. It was launched in the 1980s, and it has become a very well-liked siding matter because of its durability and urbane facade.

James Hardie Siding’s depth and thick grooves give it the look of timber. It is defiant to water, fire, and pests, and it can endure extreme rain, wind, and snow. It is usually recognized as Hardie siding because of James Hardie’s manufacturing company, which is the global leader in fiber cement siding.

These sidings are highly popular within the housing industry and it is noticeable how does this influences people by its extremely good performance.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding: A Durable Alternative for Your Home

There are a few advantages of James Hardie siding, which are explained below:

  1. Safety: James Hardie siding is a noncombustible siding and has been approved for fire-rated construction. This makes it a much safer option than vinyl siding, which will melt or burn if it is exposed to either flames or a significant heat source.
  2. Everlasting Color: James Hardie siding is incredibly flexible when it comes to its color. It makes use of ColorPlus expertise finishes, which are baked on to offer up to 30 percent enhanced fade fight than other options. Colors are also processor matched, which means that you’ll be getting the highest point of evenness. When it comes to wood siding, the paint becomes paler much faster. The same goes for vinyl siding. Vinyl siding also possesses an issue when maintenance is required since its colors are much harder to match.
  3. Resistance to harsh Weather: James Hardie’s siding was contrived to stand firm against all weather conditions, from sleet to winds up to 150 mph, conditions that often spoil vinyl siding. It’s also defiant to deforming, cracking, and decaying, three harms that wood siding can occurrence.
  4. Protection: James Hardie siding is incredibly sturdy due to the truth that it is five times thicker than vinyl siding. Not only does this signify that your siding will last much longer, but it also denotes that your residence will be better sheltered.
  5. Gives off a Curb Appeal: James Hardie siding offers the same sort of curb appeal as the wood siding does, and is much finer than vinyl siding. Vinyl siding tries to look like wood, but its faux wood grain and overlapping seams often look abnormal, making it look further like no6thing else than plastic.
  6. Warranty: James Hardie siding, by using it you’ll also be able to obtain the benefit of a 30-year moveable product warranty in extra to a 15-year end warranty that will cover up the paint as well as the manual labor.
  7. Insurance: Owners that use James Hardie siding be likely to pay up to 14 percent less on their homeowner’s cover premiums than owners who use vinyl siding.
  8. Rustic Chic Elegance: Many holders are grateful for the relaxed, contented vibe of countryside kitchens, cottage architecture, and rustic-chic décor. Board-and-batten fits that aesthetic flawlessly—a visual aide-memoire of laid-back time past. The upright siding provides a relaxed susceptibility, yet the carefully installed battens pull the appearance together to generate a fresh modern chic that is highly demanded. Add features like shutters to generate even more eye-catching features that will be the jealousy of your neighbors.
  9. Low maintenance: James Hardie siding has less maintenance as they are not wood which doesn’t have this type of durability. That makes this less pricey and these are better than vinyl siding.
  10. Environmental friendly: James Hardie sidings are highly environment friendly. They have low maintenance and fewer repairs needed which makes them less harmful and are bio-degradable.
  11. Customizable Style: If you’re looking for an exceptional way to make your home set out from the curtail, board-and-batten is a great choice because it’s so flexible. Some owners even use it inside their home to add a forte look for ceilings, their fireplace wall, and more. On the outside, board-and-batten can be used on the entire home or on certain architectural rudiments that you want to stand out. Hardie board-and-batten style mixes well with other siding supplies, so you can mix and match to go well with your favorite.
  12. Versatility in Colors: Some siding manner is finest kept to a certain series of colors—but not board-and-batten siding, which is equally alluring in traditional colors and bold modern palettes. If you opt for the James Hardie board-and-batten style, you can opt for their ColorPlus Technology, which bakes in prosperous color in sheet in the factory for a look that stays vivacious for up to 15 years. Or you can opt for pre-primed boards and battens that can be tinted any color you like after fitting.
  13. Long-Lasting Performance: Chicago’s weather is scandalously sturdy on homes, but board-and-batten style adds a second layer of defense. Because the battens cover the seams of the boards, it’s harder for rain, snow, ice, and other sources of dampness to go through underneath the siding. Add to this the striking durability of James Hardie fiber cement siding, and you’ll have a home exterior designed exclusively to stand up to Chicago’s wet and cold winters for decades. James Hardie Sidings is greatly helpful in case of protection and durability.

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