Tips: A DIY Roof Damage Checklist

Loose, cracked, buckling and damaged shinglesTips: A DIY Roof Damage Checklist

Inspect Roof Covering

Shingles are the most popular design of roofing system covering. Whatever roof covering you have, make use of the condition and accessory of the materials are vital to roofing system performance.

If you have a shingle roof look for:

  • Loose shingle tabs
  • Fractures in shingles
  • Broken or missing tabs
  • Buckling or curling shingles
  • Blistering of tabs
  • Majority of granules worn off tabs
  • Examine Roof Penetrations


Inspect Roof Penetrations

Check for the following:

  • Are penetrations are well sealed and tight?
  • Are there spaces and/or signs of missing sealant?
  • Exist badly shabby holes and gaps?
  • Examine Off-Ridge Vents


Inspect Off-Ridge Vents

Check for the following:

  • Do vents wiggle back and forth?
  • Are they well connected?
  • Exist screws attaching turbines or caps off-ridge vent?


Inspect Ridge Vents

Look for the following:

  • Are vents tightly screwed down?
  • If nails are utilized, are they are properly connected?
  • Inspect for roofing system leaks


Inspect For Roof Leaks (Outside Home)

Evaluate for the following signs of damage outside the home:

  • Leakages inside the attic
  • Water stains on roofing decking– browse the chimney, around vents and pipes and valleys
  • Discolored roof deck, rafters or trusses
  • Examine for roofing system leaks


Inspect For Roof Leaks (Inside Home)

Assess for indications of leakages from inside the house:

  • Water spots on ceiling
  • Cracked wall or ceiling paint
  • Peeling wall paper

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