How To Check If Asphalt Shingle Roof Should Be Replaced?

Roofs covered with asphalt shingles are known for their durability, robustness and longevity. Thanks to modern material and pigment manufacturing technologies, their service can last for many years, but even the best asphalt shingles from luxury brands eventually fail. Cracks, delamination and peeling can lead to leaks, which, of course, risks a mold in the attic. So let’s check how to check if an asphalt shingle roof should be replaced.

Visual Signs of Degradation of Asphalt Shingles

worn asphalt shingles

The aging of a roof is easy to spot with the naked eye, although verification of its condition will be much simpler if you take a closer look. Degradation of asphalt shingles manifests itself through, among other things:

  • Appearance of cracks and peeling – the easiest symptom to spot is clear structural damage. In extreme cases, worn shingles look like a watered-down piece of plywood (layers are coming apart, bulges are visible on the surface of the roof). You may also notice cracks, often several inches long;
  • Hail pits – if large amounts of hail have fallen on your home, asphalt shingles may have been damaged. Although laminate is one of the most durable materials, in extreme cases, precipitation can cause leaks in the roof;
  • Loss of granules – over time, shingles lose the asphalt granules they contain. It may not be easy to notice their absence on the roof, but they will collect as debris in the gutters and on the paths by the house itself. Minor cavities are not a problem, but if the granules have already fallen off a significant part of the roof, it is definitely worth considering replacement;
  • Appearance of vegetation – if algae or moss is appearing on your asphalt shingles, deterioration of the overall appearance of the roof is the least of your problems. The presence of plants can indicate the appearance of moisture, and if you don’t remove it in time, the structure of the rooftop can undergo accelerated degradation. For most products from popular brands, such as GAF, manufacturers offer up to a 20-year warranty against algae growth, so if it has appeared before, it’s worth contacting the roofing contractor responsible for the project;
  • Missing shingles – if you notice that your roof is missing some shingles, be sure to contact us. It may be enough to make a minor repair, but it often happens, a larger area and other parts of the house have been damaged.
asphalt shingle color loss

Unlike cedar shakes, asphalt shingles rarely change their color to a drastic degree. Typically, wear and tear manifests itself through structural damage and the development of leaks. While the aesthetics of an old asphalt roof often fare better, this is not always a good thing. Many of our customers contact us too late, making it difficult to repair defects quickly.

Problems Visible From the Inside

asphalt shingle leaks

You’ll also know it’s high time to replace your roof by being in the attic. Contact a roofing contractor in Glenview if you observe:

  • Leaks or mold – if you observe dark spots on the inside of the roof, trickling streaks of water or other symptoms of moisture, there is a very high risk that your asphalt shingles have serious leaks. In extreme cases, sunlight can penetrate through holes in the roof, although this is an extreme. If the leaks are serious or occur in multiple places, we most often suggest a comprehensive roof replacement, as the extent of the damage is usually very wide;
  • Uneven sheathing surface – if plywoods collapse inward or bend outward, they are likely to repeatedly dry out and soak. As with dark stains, this is one of the most common symptoms of serious structural damage to asphalt shingles.

After How Many Years Should I Replace My Asphalt Shingle Roof?

Every roof will last a slightly different amount of time – the lifespan depends on average temperatures, sunshine, humidity, the model you choose, and many other factors that are difficult to predict. Although more and more manufacturers of asphalt shingles are offering up to 50-year warranties on their products, we strongly recommend that you start inspecting the condition of your roof a little more often once 20 years have passed since installation.

asphalt shingle roof inspection glenview

The roof inspection service is not expensive – often, it is as little as a few hundred dollars, with which you can save yourself from having to replace the entire roof, which can happen if you ignore a minor failure. The roof inspection should cover both the home exterior and interior parts of the building. In our opinion, regular checks every 2-3 years will not ruin you financially, while clearly reducing the risk of catastrophic failure.

When Should You Have Asphalt Shingles Inspected?

Our customers ask us to verify the technical condition of asphalt shingles at any time of the year, but most often, this is in October or November and just after the occurrence of very strong winds. It is a good idea to contact a specialist whenever you suspect that your roof may have been damaged or exposed to particularly hazardous elements.

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