March 14, 2024 Articles

Roof Inspection by A.B Edward Enterprises, Inc.
When talking about roofs, we most often mention shingles, flashings, and less often sheathing and insulation. The topic of siding also comes up on our blog, but it’s worth taking a look at elements that are...
how exterior renovation affects home price
Exterior renovation is sometimes necessary, especially when a particular component of the house fails, causing the risk of further failures. Sometimes, however, homeowners decide to perform exterior renovations just to increase the value of the property...
how to check if asphalt shingles should be replaced
Roofs covered with asphalt shingles are known for their durability, robustness and longevity. Thanks to modern material and pigment manufacturing technologies, their service can last for many years, but even the best asphalt shingles from luxury...

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