Avoid Regrets: Build a Deck

A deck is one of the more cost effective ways to add the usable space to a Chicagoland home.

American’s are choosy when it comes to their homes. However, home buying since the market bottomed has not been easy. In 2012, purchasing a home in Chicagoland was challenging due to the tougher rules to qualify for a mortgage, and many would-be-buyer’s credit suffered in the Great Recession. Now diminishing inventories are forcing buyers to make concessions in pursuit of the American Dream. Leaving recent homebuyers with regrets about their housing choices.

Trulia, the real estate website, along with the help of Harris Poll, surveyed homeowners about their overall satisfaction with their homes in the recent article “Real Estate Regrets.” The top regret of American homeowners is the home they purchased is too small. Almost 25 percent of millennial homeowners wish they had done more remodeling. For Chicagoland homeowners with similar regrets A.B. Edward offers a stylish solution: build a deck.

Outdoor Decking Company - A.B. Edward Ent.
Outdoor Decking Company – A.B. Edward Ent.

With the mild autumn days a few weeks away, this is the perfect time to take action and there are plenty of reasons to build a deck.

  1. Enjoy the extra living space and delight in the value it adds. In addition to adding usable space, decking also adds value to a home. In separate survey, Trulia found that a deck was the most desirable amenity to US homeowners: building or renovating a deck can gain homeowners up to 120 percent return on investment when it is time to sell.
  2. A cute Craftsman in Rogers Park can become party central. Enjoy Memorial Day, Independence day, and Labor Day celebrations with family and friends in the open air. Decks offer a less claustrophobic setting than in home parties with no worries about damage to your house from spills and other mishaps.
  3. Organize the outdoors for a new home in Highland Park. Decking options continue to advance. Adding planter boxes, seating and storage to make your outdoor living experience both comfortable and functional. Grow your own vegetables and herbs. Plan stylish seating around a fire pit. Hide gardening and barbeque tools in the added in-deck storage.
  4. A multi-tiered deck for a Greystone in Lincoln Park would require tons of maintenance in the past. Fortunately, decking materials are not just wood anymore. The new materials can withstand the heartiest of Chicago winters. Azek decks, made with pro cell technology, are stain, split, and scratch resistant. Azek offers 17 elegant colors and 4 collections from which to choose.
  5. Environmentally conscious homeowners hoping to spruce up their Glenview back yard can rest easy. Azek decks are sustainable. Unlike wood decks of the past, yearly harsh chemical treatments are not necessary. In addition, once an Azek deck has lived a productive life the materials are recyclable.


Buying a home is a big endeavor. Homeowners who want more living space should consider leveraging their outdoor space. Modern decks are durable, long lasting, and sustainable. Most of all a deck is one of the best ways to add value to your home when it is time to sell. Don’t regret your home purchase; build a deck.

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