10 Amazing Facts About Cedar Shake Roofs

10 Amazing Facts About Cedar Shake Roofs

Conventional cedar shake roofs are most significant for their striking natural good looks. Nevertheless, beyond their charm, they provide an entire host of practical benefits– eco-friendliness, sturdiness, and weather resistant. Cedar roofs do need a specific quantity of care, though, to extend their life and keep them at their best. View our full line of cedar shake roofing products.

About Cedar Roofs

1. The term “cedar” can actually refer to wood from a dozen or more various trees, grown all over the globe. Although red cedar has actually traditionally been the range most typically utilized to develop roofs, recently white cedar has grown in popularity, due to its lower rate and that it is cut from new-growth trees.

2. Depending on individual taste, cedar might be cut in the type of either shingles, sawn on both sides, or shakes, which are hand split and re-sawn to lead to a more rough-hewn, rugged texture.

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Why They’re Eco-Friendly

3. Sustainable cedar roofs are environmentally friendly. View the certification of sustainability by the Forest Stewardship Council.

4. Cedar roofs are durable. When they’re purchased from a roofing contractor ma they are generally warrantied for 20-25 years, but they will usually last as long as 50-60 years or more if effectively set up, preserved, and brought back.

5. The life expectancy of a cedar roofing system can easily be extended by changing individual shingles and shakes that have distorted, used, or cracked. This saves the financial and ecological expense of installing a brand-new roofing.

6. At the end of the cedar roof life, discarded cedar shakes orzshingles are recyclable as mulch.

7. Cedar roofs are naturally weather resistant, withstanding excellent variations in temperature and freeze-thaw cycles. They are likewise earthquake durable.

8. A cedar roofing provides thermal resistance (a natural insulating result) many times higher than that of other roofing products such as aluminum. This conserves energy by reducing the necessity for heating and cooling.

9. Cedar consists of natural oils which withstand mildew or degeneration and ward off bugs. (Keep in mind Granny’s mothproof cedar chest?).

10. Cedar roofs are naturally beautiful, in a wide variety of discreetly varied colors and textures. They will acquire an unique silvery gray patina as they weather, allowing them to mix into their natural environments and look lovely on standard or contemporary design homes, country cottages, or beach houses.

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