Winnetka IL

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Winnetka IL has a long history of elegant architecture and homes. As one of a few historic towns left in the area, Winnetka IL boasts beautiful homes – many of which are historic themselves. We look forward to continuing to offer our expertise in home exteriors both new and old  in this area!


Maintaining your roof is crucial to the survival and quality of your home. Investing in  a new roof when it needs replacement may seem like a hassle but in the long run it pays off. A new roof keeps your home free from water damage from rain and snow – and it also contributes to your home value and curb appeal! A new roof increases how much your home is worth as the new homeowners will not need to worry about roofing issues for a long time. Installing a new roof lets you customize your home more, and we offer a wide selection of roofing materials such as asphalt, slate, cedar, metal and synthetic materials. Replace your roof as soon as you notice severe problems like several roof leak and missing shingles to protect your house from further damage. 

Your roof may only need repairs if the damage is not too bad though! Roof repair extends the life of your roof and continues to protect your home to the fullest extent. Repairing your roof is needed when your roof has small leaks or loose shingles. Keeping your roof in good repair is a necessary part of home ownership. Call a professional to fix your roof when required to keep from accidentally causing more harm to your room and doing more damage than good. A professional contractor fixes your roof, checks for damage that might not be obvious, and helps you devise a plan to keep your roof in great shape for as long as possible. 


Your gutters and roof work as a team to make sure you have the best possible way to keep water from affecting your home. Damaged and broken gutters need fast replacement to keep your home safe from roof leaks and damage, as well as basement flooding and seepage. Gutters in bad condition hurt your home, so replace them with any number of materials including aluminum, copper, and cladding. New gutters are the best way to care for your home and roof and keep everything in top shape. 

Repairing your gutters is more often than not a regular requirement for more homeowners. Blockages, loose sections, and cracks are all fixable problems that keep you from needing a gutter replacement. Gutter repairs needs to be undertaken by a professional contractor with the right skills and tools to get the job done. A contractor inspects and fixes current damage, looks for hidden problems, and helps you decide on a plan to maintain your gutters regularly. They may also suggest installing helpful products like gutter guards that keep your gutters free from twigs, leaves, and other debris. 


People always notice your siding first. As your siding comprises the majority of what people can see from the street – make sure it looks good! Faded, damaged, cracked, and broken siding harms your curb appeal significantly and decreases the value of your home. Replace your siding when it has broken areas, dry rot, or pest infestation to protect your home from damage and elements as well as keep your curb appeal high. We offer vinyl, cedar, and fiber cement siding to our Wilmette IL customers as our primary types of siding materials. Siding replacement will help your home look great and be safe from further damage. 

Sometime your siding can be damaged but not need replacement. Siding repair is for smaller areas of damaged or old siding and helps your siding last longer. Make sure you call a contractor as soon as you notice cracks or damage to your siding as the sooner these issues are addressed the better it is for your home. Repairs need to be made by a professional is licensed and insured as well. Professionals are able to check for damage the average homeowner may not notice as well as repair the current problem and help you make your siding last longer. 


Natural stonework is a great looking and versatile material to add to your home. Stone works well both indoors and out and is commonly used for siding, patios, fireplaces, and floors. Add a touch of nature to your home with a stonework project. Our team of masonry experts can help you make the right selection of stone color and texture for your project. Talk to us today and see what options we currently offer for stone projects for home interior and exteriors!


Guests will always notice your door. An old, faded, or damaged door does not impress your guests or help you have good curb appeal. It also is drafty which means your heating and cooling bills will be automatically higher year round. To improve your energy costs install a new door. A new door looks great and is guaranteed to increase curb appeal. Most new doors are energy efficient too – this will save you money on your bills in the future. 


Windows are more noticeable than most homeowners think. Cracked or old windows take away from the curb appeal of your house and discourage potential buyers. Old windows are also drafty and leak your air inside and outside of your home – making it hard to keep a consistent temperature. This causes an increase in your energy bills year round from heating and cooling. Investing in new windows will improve your home’s look but also save you money on energy costs. Be sure to consider all options for your windows to make sure they look right in your home and last a long time. We also offer roof lights, skylights, sun tunnels, and can create custom windows if needed. 

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