Did You Know We Can Do Welding?

High End Welding Job For Home Exteriors

Home exteriors are our specialty, and we can do any job that’s outside your home – and we mean any! It may surprise you to know that we can do welding – but – it’s outside your home and therefore we can handle it! Read here about our latest job installing an ornamental railing and the welding that was involved!

Elegant Iron Welding

Our customers wanted a modern but elegant looking piece of metal work as a railing for their new home. After investigating many designs, an ornamental design consisting of several horizontal pieces of metal was decided on. 

Metal working requires special skills, tools, and lots of training – it is certainly in no way a DIY job. Not knowing how to use welding and cutting tools, and not having correct safety equipment can lead to serious injury, or even damage to your home – so please – if you need welding or metal work – call a professional! 

Welding jobs require skill and expertise
Welding jobs require skill and expertise

Metal is a difficult material to work with, and there is little room for error. The railing that was installed had to be measured and cut just right as it was custom work. Installing and moving the railing was challenging as large metal objects are bulky and can be difficult to position – and for this job it had to be positioned perfectly! It also required welding and then had to be secured into place on the back deck where it was installed. 

The final result is a stylish and modern looking ornamental railing. The horizontal lines separate the spaces, and enclose the deck, but have enough space to not obscure the siding and stonework on the house. The ornamental railing matches the aesthetic of the home and is cut to fit neatly and seamlessly onto the back deck, almost lining up with masonry-work that was done to give it a polished and perfect look. 


The Many Talents Of A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. 

When many people hear ‘home exterior’ they only think about roofing and siding. But A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. does so much more! Windows, doors, and even welding are all tasks that can be completed by our teams of experts. 

Selecting a home exterior company that can do more than one task makes everything easier on you the homeowner. A team with a wide variety of talents is able to handle unexpected problems during the job much easier. It also means you can get multiple areas of your home worked on at the same time – saving you time overall and getting your home back to normal quickly. 

The finished product!
The finished product!

A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. goes to great lengths to ensure we have specialists for all home exterior projects – including welding! By choosing to contact and work with A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. you are choosing a commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and a job well done. We have served over 6000+ customers to date with more coming in regularly for help with their home exterior projects – we also have an unblemished A+ rating from the BBB. Let us help you perfect your home with our expertise!

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