2 Companies With State-Of-The Art Skylights For Your Home

Let’s Start Off With The Benefits of Skylights For Your Home

Skylights are windows placed on the roof of a house and are different from traditional windows because of their unique location. They bring a new a light airy feel to a room, improve psychological and physical health, and create a beautiful environment for your home. Below are other benefits of skylights in a home.

Save Energy

Skylights are strategically placed on your roof to maximize sunlight, which saves heating and electrical energy. Winter seasons can be extremely harsh, not only outside but also on your heating bill. With the installation of skylights in your home, you can reduce the amount of energy used as skylights help keep your home warm with passive thermal heating. After installing skylights, you will feel the difference with warmer rooms in the winter and easy ventilation in the summer if you choose a model that opens – and you’ll notice the savings in your energy bill.

Enhance Your Home’s Beauty

Your home is your sanctuary! It is vital for you to ensure that your home is attractive and that you enjoy the space you live in. If you’re looking for a way to set your home apart from other homes in the neighborhood, skylights are an excellent way to add a touch of luxury and uniqueness that will increase curb appeal. In addition to the enhancement of your home’s external appeal, they also help in casting shadows and natural light on your homes’ interior.


Home Ventilation

Indoor pollution has been identified as a major problem that is often overlooked by homeowners. However, few homeowners take time to open their windows and allows the circulation of fresh air. Fumes from cleaning equipment compromise the quality of air in the house because they remain inside. Fortunately, you can use skylights to ventilate your home as most versions can be opened like regular windows. By installing skylights in your home, pollution can escape and there will be circulation of fresh air.

Health Benefits

Skylights also provide lots of benefits to our health. The sun provides healthy doses of vitamin D, which is beneficial to your health and prevents you from developing a deficiency. Fresh air also provides clean oxygen that helps improve the function of body organs and leaves you feeling energized. Natural sunlight has also been shown to be a natural mood booster, helping those who are prone to getting the blues. When you install skylights in your home, you will all for both physical and psychological benefits to your help.

Our Skylights


Fakro produces high quality windows that are Energy STAR certified and UV-filtered. They are also leak-proof and easy to install. Fixed, as well as venting skylights (both manually and electrically operated) can be easily installed into your home to allow light and fresh air in.

The windows use technique like passive heating and a larger glazing area to provide maximum light with minimal heating loss. Fakro skylights boast a high level of energy efficiency, with the best models for energy conservation being: FTP-V U5, FTT U6 and FTT U8 Thermo. The FTT U8 Thermo has been classified as the most energy efficient roof window in the world.

“All energy efficient windows are installed with special thermal flashing to further protect your home and save on heating costs.”

For flat roof owners there are several roof window options including windows that function as access hatches. Flat roof mounted skylights can also be fixed or ventilating depending on what function you are looking for. If you’re looking for the best window for your flat roof the Fakro FlatRoof DXW is your best bet as it is sturdy enough to be walked on and coated with a special non-slip surface. This product is ideal for anyone who wants to use their flat roof as an outdoor living space. AB Edward is proud to be one of the top installers for Fakro skylights and roof windows.

Another option for you to consider is Velux skylights. Velux offers both deck and curb mounted skylights that allow light to enhance your home. The “Fresh Air” skylight is solar powered and eligible for a 30% federal tax credit making Velux’s windows even more affordable.


Velux’s curb mounted line even boasts rain sensors to automatically close windows during poor weather to keep your home interior warm and dry. Velux skylights have been designated the “No Leak Skylight” as they are at the top of their industry for leak-free windows. Featuring 3 layers of water protection, glass coatings to prevent water spots, and glass that reduces outside noise 25% more than a standard glass window, Velux skylights are an affordable investment for the improvement of your home.

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