Are You Searching for a Reliable Chicago Slate Roofing Company?

Slate roofing adds so much beauty and protection to homes.

If you’re looking for a Chicago slate roofing company with years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining slate roofs, you should know that we are the right company. We have an A+ rating at the BBB and we’ve worked on the homes of over four thousand Chicagoland residents! As you can see, we’re a Chicago slate roofing company that you can really trust

Also, we’re happy to offer free estimates to our valued clients. Now, we’d like to talk about why we love slate!

Slate Roofs are Beautiful and Rugged

This type of roof is one of the most attractive around. In fact, it’s probably the most upscale and classic in terms of how it looks. A slate roof will transform a home into something more special. It will give it cachet and elegance.

Also, when you select slate, you’ll find that you have choices. Slate comes in a host of appealing hues, from purple to red to green to gray to black. There are also tiles which are mottled and offer an exciting blend of colors.

Slate Roofing
Slate Roofing

When we install slate roofs, we do it perfectly, in order to ensure that they are tough enough to stand the test of time. Most slate roofs endure for a hundred and fifty years, as long as they are installed from high-quality slate, according to industry best practices (which we always follow!). If you want durability, slate is the way to go. In contrast, most other types of roofing materials last for two to three decades.

Also, your new slate roof will be resistant to fire. The tiles are fireproof and this means that your new roof will help to protect your home from common fire hazards, including adjacent house fires, wildfires and fireworks.

Lastly, these roofs are very eco-friendly. They don’t need replacement too often (usually, they never need replacement), so the tiles don’t end up in landfills.

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You deserve the very best. If your home is important to you, why not treat yourself to slate? It’s gorgeous, rugged and designed to endure like nothing else. Investing in slate is the key to protecting your home and enhancing the beauty of its architecture.

We love the way that slate roofs look and we know that you will, too! So, why not call for a free estimate today?

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