DecTec Decking ApplicationWhat is DecTec?

DecTec is a hybrid product that protects like a roof, while creating a finished appearance similar to that of a linoleum floor. A.B. Edward Enterprises, Chicagoland’s leading home exteriors company sells and installs DecTec decking and roofing solutions. Call us at (847) 827-1605 or click here for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Smart Surface. Smart System. Smart Choice.

DecTec™ delivers proven waterproofing and roofing solutions for balcony and roof-deck applications. As North America’s leading innovator in pedestrian traffic bearing PVC membranes, along with industry leading system accessories and components, water intrusion problems on deck areas are a thing of the past. Download the membrane specifications data file.

The Benefits.

  • Safety – Unique fiberglass reinforcement provides maximum fire resistance.
  • Quality – Commercial grade PVC roof membrane meets North American building codes.
  • Durability – 20 year warranty (80 mil products) based on 40 years manufacturing history.
  • Economy – Low maintenance meets low life cycle costs and higher ROI.DecTec Solutions


It’s All In The Details.

The consistent quality of your details sheets, job after job, can speak volumes about who you are as a design professional, and who we are as a manufacturer. Our Details can help broaden the foundation from which you assemble your design drawings. These Details are not intended to be the sole source of information relied upon for the design of DecTec deck systems. In preparing design drawings, the engineer’s judgment and experience should be the basis on which all decisions are made. These designs are only illustrations of typical details. Responsibility for actual design remains that of the designer.

The Sum of the Parts.

DecTec membrane quality, durability and safety is unchallenged; but what is behind the system is just as important.