Keep Calm and Clean Your Gutters!

Keep Calm and Clean Your Gutters!

Gutters are crucial to keeping your house dry and safe as we prepare for the inevitable rain in the spring and summer. Spring cleaning isn’t just for the inside of your house – so get out that ladder and look at your gutters!

It’s spring! Summer is fast on the way so put away those snow boots, pack your coats, and make sure your gutters are in good condition from the ice and snow!

Spring Cleaning Gutter Check List

  1. Open up those windows and let in the fresh air! It’s been a longer than average winter so enjoy the warm weather before it gets too hot.
  2. Home exterior: If you have siding, you may want to hose it off to remove dirt that accumulated over the winter. If you don’t, still take a quick look to make sure there are no cracks in siding, bricks, or any other type of exterior you have. Cracks welcome insect nests, and also can trap water up against structural elements of your house – causing expensive damage. 
  3. Gutters can take a beating in the winter. Ice that melts and refreezes can damage and crack gutters or pull them away from your house – potentially damaging your roof. Make sure your gutters have no cracks and are securely fixed to your house. 
  4. Despite our best efforts, leaves and twigs still fall into gutters over the course of the winter. Get some gloves and a ladder and clean out any remaining debris in your gutters. A clogged gutter can damage your roof causing leaks, and also erode soil that protects your foundation and basement. 
  5. Check your downspouts. If you haven’t already, also look at your downspouts for signs of wear and tear and to make sure they are properly attached. 


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Contact A Professional 

If during your inspection and cleaning process you find damage on the exterior of your home, contact a professional to make repairs as soon as possible. A problem may seem small and unimportant but there may be more to it than meets the eye. To prevent leaks, foundation damage, and even structural damage to your home be sure to call an experienced contractor. If you have decided during the cleaning process that you are interested in custom gutters, or want to change the look or your home’s exterior, you can make  call for that as well. Installing siding, adding a new roof, or installing gutters and downspouts can be a tricky and exacting process so it’s best left to a licensed contractor who can  make sure what you invest in home improvements protects your home and adds value to it.

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