Buffalo Grove IL

Top Quality Home Exterior Specialist Near Buffalo Grove IL

Buffalo Grove IL is known for its thriving arts community not too far from Chicago. In addition to a commitment to culture and the arts, Buffalo Grove IL is known for its quality homes and properties. 


It’s important to keep your roof in as good of condition as possible. Roof repair services are the best way to do this. If there are leaks, loose shingles, cracks, or mold growth on your roof – you need to see an expert. Trying to repair your roof on your own is not only dangerous, it can cause more damage. DIY jobs are always tempting but you can trap in moisture and damage other areas of your roof by trying to fix it. For a roof repair, call a certified home exterior specialist like A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. 

If your roof is too damaged or old, you will need a roof replacement. A roof replacement is a larger job and more expensive, but it’s better than allowing the elements in to damage your house. A roof replacement is a great investment for your home as it can increase its value and curb appeal. We also offer an array of materials for you to choose from like asphalt, cedar, slate, synthetic materials, and metal! 


If your siding is cracked, rotted, a home to pests, or falling off, it may need repair. Siding repairs are crucial to keeping your home structure safe from the elements. We have experience working with a variety of siding materials like vinyl and fiber cement – so not matter what kind of siding you have, we can help repair it. 

Siding can sometimes become too damaged to be repairable, or the underlayer of wrap on the house can become damaged. This results in you needing siding replacement. Siding replacement will restore the condition and value of your house as it will boost your curb appeal, save you money on heating and cooling, and also increase monetary value. Make sure you contact a quality home exterior specialist for siding replacement. 


Did you know your gutters protect not only your roof but your basement? If your gutters are old, damaged, flooding easily, or falling apart you may need gutter replacement services. A new set of gutters can improve the look of your house, and also protect it from rain. Gutters that are not doing their job can wash away soil and expose your foundation, and damage your roof too. Gutters that do not drain force water up and into your roof causing damage to your roof and home structure. 

If your gutters are salvageable you may be able to get by with gutter repairs. Gutter repairs are more appropriate when only one area has problems or your gutters and downspouts are loose. it’s crucial to call a professional when it comes to gutter repairs. A professional fixes your gutters, makes sure no other damage occurs, and helps you maintain your gutters so they last longer. While repairing your gutters we can also install gutter guards to help them stay clear of debris in the future – prolonging their life. 


Your door is one of the first things people notice when visiting your home. Make sure yours is stylish and energy efficient! Older doors or doors that are not correctly installed leech air out – meaning more of your money goes to heating and cooling costs. They’re also just not as secure. For a safe home that looks great and doesn’t have drafts – replace your door. 


Windows are part of the face of your home – and everyone notices when they don’t look good. We offer the most up to date and state of the art styles of windows to our customers in Buffalo Grove IL. Custom windows and skylights are also options if you’re looking to do a window replacement. If your windows are cracked or drafty, it’s time to replace them with better quality products. 


Nothing looks as timeless as stone. That’s why we’re pleased to offer a full complement of masonry services. Masonry is an easy to add luxury to your home that’s all natural and looks great.  Stone and masonry can be used for flooring, siding, decorative pieces like fireplaces, and more! If you’ve been wondering how to incorporate nature into your house more, stone is the easiest way to do it! 
A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. is one of Chicago’s most trusted home exterior services companies. We have helped 6000+ homeowners with 10,000+ jobs completed since we opened our doors in 2003. Our teams take pride in their attention to detail and customer satisfaction, and we only use the finest in products to give our custoemrs the absolute best results.