6 FAKRO Skylights Benefits For Your Home

FAKRO Skylights Benefits: 6 Key Benefits

FAKRO skylights have become known for their incredible quality and stunning displays. Here are six benefits of having FAKRO skylights on your roof. Installing skylights is a fashionable trend in the housing market these days because of their aesthetic qualities. However, there are numerous other benefits.

Improved Home Value

Skylights, even basic models such as fixed skylights, can greatly increase your home’s resale value. Properly installed, energy-efficient, and well-maintained skylights like FAKRO skylights can increase your home’s value. Buyers see FAKRO’s high-quality, aesthetically pleasing products as a luxurious touch. If you plan to sell your house, installing a skylight (or a few) can boost your sale price.

Improved Lighting and Ambiance

FAKRO skylights fit well into any room of your home. They add natural light that helps improve your home’s look and feel. Living rooms are certainly the most common place FAKRO skylights are installed, but they can be placed in any part of your roof. FAKRO skylights give you a beautiful window for appreciating sunny days and marveling at starry nights.

Improve Your Health

You may be surprised to learn that FAKRO skylights can benefit your health. However, this is quite intuitive. Letting more natural light into your house helps improve your overall health and mood. Some FAKRO skylights even open to allow ventilation, letting in fresh air and reducing your home’s air pollution. This could boost your immune system and help relieve allergy symptoms. Flat roof skylights can even increase your time outside getting vitamin D and enjoying the fresh air.

Lower Your Energy Consumption

More homeowners than ever before are looking to reduce their home’s carbon footprint and energy consumption. Skylights are specially designed to be energy-efficient. Because of their quality thermal insulation, they can help lower your utility bills.

FAKRO skylights use Energy Star certified glass to repel heat in the warm months and retain it in the winter. This cuts the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Other windows and skylights may use metallic spacers that separate panes, encouraging condensation buildup. skylights use warm spacers to make sure condensation is never a problem. Our thick, wooden skylight frames are fantastic insulators between the inside of your home and its exterior.

Installation screws are hidden inside the frame and do not increase the occurrence of thermal bridges that can be caused by metal flanges surrounding the frame. Additionally, a perimeter gasket is placed underneath the frame to give additional insulation for the joint between the frame and roof decking.

FAKRO skylights also utilize a double gasket system to seal the gap between the frame and the sash, eliminating undesirable air flow.

Extreme Durability

FAKRO skylights are designed to give flawless performance and stand up to weathering. They utilize thick wooden frames from select narrow-grained pinewood that is seasoned and vacuum-preserved.

Every wooden element in a FAKRO skylight is lacquered before being assembled into the final product. FAKRO frame corners are sealed to keep out any moisture, and their internal gasket systems collect and drain water to the outside. FAKRO skylights are also designed with a UV ray and heat-reducing glazing unit, and their external cladding is covered with UV ray resistant paint.

Lifetime Warranty

While other skylights can let in condensation, falter under tough conditions, or become frail with time, skylights are designed to be as tough as nails. However, because no one can foresee everything Mother Nature throws at a product, FAKRO skylights also come with a lifetime and leak-proof warranty.

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