Why Metal Roofing Is a Great Choice for Your Home

Metal Roofing: A Great Choice for Your Home

There is no time like the present to install metal roofing on your home or business. Whether you are still in the process of building, considering repairs, or in need to replace an old roof that cannot do the job any longer, metal is a great roofing material choice. If you are unfamiliar with the reasons why metal roofing is so beneficial, below you will find a few of its many advantages.

Improved Fire Resistance

Metal roofing is quite fire resistant. This is one of the major reasons homeowners and businesses choose to utilize metal roofs. There are a number of ways metal roofing stands up better to fire than other materials, and not all of them are immediately obvious.

While everyone hopes they will never experience a fire, homes and businesses are destroyed by fires every day. Flammable roofing materials can increase the damage since they can catch fire if flames reach your roof. When this happens, it is possible that the entire building structure will become compromised. (A recent example is the flammable roof of the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.) Obviously, this is a far more serious problem than internal fire damage to the building. Potentially, the entire building can become unstable and even collapse.

But this can happen even if a neighboring structure catches fire. Wind can take stray embers or intense heat to other buildings, including yours. These can land on your roof and set it ablaze. This is especially a concern in areas prone to wildfires. Wherever your home or business is located, metal roofing prevents a fire from destroying your roof or spreading to it from other structures. It is no coincidence that many insurance providers have more positive views of buildings with metal roofs. This means you could even pay lower premiums.


Long LifeSpan

Asphalt shingle roofs often need to be replaced between 15 and 18 years after installation (sooner if they have been seriously damaged). Compared to metal roofing, the lifespan of a standard three-tab asphalt shingle simply does not hold up. While asphalt shingles require more frequent maintenance and replacement, many metal roofs outlast the homeowners who installed them. That is because metal roofing can often last 50 years or more. While metal is initially more expensive than asphalt, it saves far more money over its lifespan because it seldom needs to be replaced. If you plan to be in a home or commercial building long-term, metal is a smart investment.

Incredibly Durable

Metal roofing stands up to the elements like no other. No one enjoys maintenance work on asphalt shingle roofs. With metal roofing, you have one less part of your home to worry about. Metal roofing needs very little maintenance over its lifespan to stay in good condition and look appealing. While not strictly necessary, regularly applying reflective roof coating helps reflect the sun’s UV rays and prevent excess heat in your home. Coatings wear down as the roof ages, but it is quite simple to apply a new coating.

Besides reflective coating, metal roofing does not need much attention. You should always give an occasional inspection of your roof to make sure flashing is in place and fasteners are tight, but there is no doubt a metal roof saves time and energy on maintenance.


Easy to Install

Metal roofs cuts labor costs dramatically. It comes in large panels that make installation far easier than other roofing materials. There is no need to nail hundreds of pieces, saving time and energy.

The Right Choice

If you are considering a roofing project in the near future, keep metal in mind. Reach out to a reliable roofing company to help you explore your options and find out if a metal roof is the right choice for you.

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