Slate Roof (Slate Roof Tiles) – Advantages & Benefits

Slate Roof (Slate Roof Tiles) – Advantages & Benefits

A few of the earliest homes in the nation sport natural slate tiles on their roofs. This sophisticated stone roofing is referred to as among the lengthiest long lasting tiles still on the marketplace today, treasured for its charm, resilience, and also longevity. Like all roofs, nevertheless, it does have its disadvantages as well as its advantages.

Advantages of a Slate Roof

The greatest advantage to mounting a slate roof on your residence is the appearance. Slate roofing floor tiles are made of 100% natural rock, and also have a naturally cleft surface with lovely color variation varying over the entire roof covering. Slate roof floor tiles are also very resilient, outlasting the buildings they are installed on in many cases. In fact, mounted and cared for effectively it is not uncommon for a slate roofing system to last 150 years or more.

Along with being stunning as well as sturdy, slate roofing system ceramic tiles are additionally fire-resistant and environmentally friendly. Being constructed from natural stone, the ceramic tiles don’t produce VOCs or various other air pollution throughout manufacturing. They could additionally be reused after they are used on the roofing or if they last longer than the building they are set up on. They could likewise aid to insulate the home listed below them, which could reduce power prices in the houses that use them.

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 The natural color and texture of slate creates a unique and beautiful roof. It is likely to enhance the appearance of any home or building. The fact that slate is natural stone implies its ruggedness and tolerance to weather and climate.

  • Slate is more durable than any man-made material
  • It is fireproof — completely non-combustible
  • It is waterproof because of its high density. It will not absorb water.
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Resists climatic/seasonal change
  • Impervious to fungus and mold
  • Its density and weight can be structurally stabilizing
Slate Roofing Chicago - (847) 827-1605
Slate Roofing Chicago – (847) 827-1605


Slate is available in a variety of . . .

  • Colors
  • Thicknesses
  • Surface textures
  • Roof textures

Beautiful Visual Allure

With its longevity as well as visual allure, most people that choose a slate roof do so with the expertise of the cost and various other drawbacks. Evaluate these very carefully as you make your choice to make sure the best selection.

How We Install Natural Slate Roofing

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