Do You Have A Roof Leak? Don’t Panic! Follow These Steps…

Ok, take a deep breath… Let’s talk about your roof leak!

There is nothing fun about a roof leak and you do not have to panic when they occur. You can confidently take control of the situation and conveniently find a solution in time, when you have adequate knowledge. This article will educate readers on what to do when they experience a roof leak in their home.

Inspect the roof, inside and out.

As soon as you notice a roof leak in your home, it is important for you to check the roof for areas standing or pooling water. Ensure that areas of your roof such as downspouts, gutters, and valleys are clear of elements obstructing the flow of water on the roof. Also , inspect your roofing material, ensure that shingles are covering most part of the underlying roof, and its water barrier is not exposed in anyway. It is important to remember that the entry of water into your home may not be directly below the roof leak. It is also advisable to inspect the roof of your attic. You could understand how the water penetrates your home. Find out if It’s Time For A Roof Replacement?

Inspect the roof, inside and out
Inspect the roof, inside and out

Clear the gutters and downspouts.

You need to remove elements blocking the flow of water and clear your roof’s downspouts if they are clear. This can be done with the help of a garden hose. If you have a clogged downspouts that cannot be cleared with a hose, then it is advisable to remove the downspout from the gutter and clear it using a broom or by pushing the debris out of the pipe with objects long enough to reach it. Once it’s clear, attach it back to the gutter direct the water away from the foundation.

Clear the gutters and downspouts
Clear the gutters and downspouts

Look for hidden damage.

Roof leaks don just occur out of a blue moon! Your roof might have collected water for some time before penetrating into your home. Check for hidden damages that the leak may have caused. Look for wet spots in areas such as your roof panels or planks, damaged OSB panels, and discolored wood. You can also look for dirt or strange odors on the roof’s insulation. Also check your walls and ceilings for bulges, paint peels, and badly cracked plaster. If you notice any of these signs, then this is a sign that something maybe be wrong. What is causing my roof to leak?

Contact your insurance company.

If your home has sustained a substantial amount of damage, then you need to contact your insurance company. Your insurance policy may or may not cover damages caused by roof leaks. Do not hesitate to call the company. They will send an agent to inspect the damage within hours of your call and help you with the process of repairing or replacing your roof.

Call a professional roofing company.

You also need to contact a professional roofing company immediately your roof’s inspection reveal a lot of water damage or an old roof needing replacement. Re-shingling your roof will not repair most roof leaks. The cause of Roof leaks is usually the breakdown of the waterproofing layer beneath the shingles which usually results to the removal of all old shingles.

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