Why Is James Hardie Siding So Popular In The U.S?

For many years we have observed that James Hardie fiber cement siding appeals to many homeowners. The popularity of the brand is so great that every year, dozens of people directly ask questions about the price of installing the brand’s products, without thinking at all about competing manufacturers. Why have more than 8 million homeowners already opted for James Hardie siding? Is it really worth paying more for house wrap? Let’s find out!

Pros of James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

The company known as James Hardie, which bears the name of its founder, has been developing fiberboard cement technology since 1903. By design, its products were to be distinguished by above-average durability against wear and tear and temperature changes. From the very beginning, the materials produced by James Hardie were distinguished by their resistance to fire and the passage of time – their maintenance is trivial. In many cases, this siding lasts more than the house on which it was installed.

Natural And Realistic Look

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Fiber cement siding can come in a variety of colors and textures, depending on customer preference. The Hardie Plank Siding product series perfectly replicates natural wood – both visually and in terms of texture. But importantly, fiber cement is not susceptible to mold growth, rot, fires and insect infestation. JH products are an excellent alternative to natural materials, as they are not inferior in aesthetics, while being much more durable and easier to maintain.

Also available are fiber cement siding products that do not resemble wood – there are also series that imitate stucco as well as completely smooth.

Durability And Safety

Appearance is an extremely important feature of any wall cladding, but it is not, in our opinion, the most crucial. Every homeowner should pay attention to the safety of the solutions used, because sooner or later, every building will be exposed to some kind of dangerous element – it could be water, fire or wind.

In the case of James Hardie, the siding is designed to be fire resistant. While there is no material that is completely noncombustible, fiber cement siding shows very high resistance to flames and temperature itself. This is, of course, due to the lack of organic components – fiberglass and cement do not burn as easily as wood and vinyl.

If you live in the Chicago North Shore area, you should opt for highly wind-resistant solutions. James Hardie products are certified to hurricane grade 5, which translates to wind speeds of 157 mph! This excellent performance is made possible, among other things, by suitably sturdy mounts, and ensures that the risk of serious damage to walls is drastically reduced.

Economic Efficiency

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James Hardie products do not compete on price – their purchase involves a higher expense compared to many other brands. Therefore, at first, it is not very favorable, but the differences appear after time – the lack of the need to regularly order siding repair in Chicago North Shore makes, in the long run, the higher initial cost lose its significance.

The higher purchase price also reflects on longevity. Fiber cement siding will easily last 2 or even 3 times longer than vinyl, which completely justifies the price and becomes justifiable. Combined with low maintenance costs, easy cleaning and no stress of constant defects, James Hardie may turn out to be the cheapest option.

Let’s also not forget about the eventual sale of your home. Like you, most people are familiar with the James Hardie brand and are aware of the quality of its products. This means that a potential buyer will be willing to pay a little more for the property because they will be aware of the quality behind its finishes.

Ease Of Maintenance

Unlike maintenance of wooden siding, preservation of fiber cement of James Hardie takes remarkably little time. In practice, cleaning once or twice a year with a garden hose and normal pressure water is completely sufficient – ColorPlus® technology will protect your house wrap from color loss. With a soft brush, water at normal temperature and almost any detergent, you will be able to achieve an elegant facade that looks exactly as it did right after installation.

Wide Product Range

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James Hardie offers more than a dozen siding models in many colors and textures. The wide range of products means that everyone will find the perfect solution for their product – vertical and horizontal siding, ACM panels, shake siding as well as panels imitating stucco are available. This is very important because you can finish your home in any way you want, while staying with the James Hardie brand and its quality workmanship.

Pest Resistance

This may be a less important criterion for choosing siding in Illinois and other northern states, but it is worth noting that James Hardie products are distinguished by their resistance to pests such as termites. Unlike wood, fiber cement is not attacked by insects, and as a result, birds do not damage the walls. The use of a biologically inert material is probably the only way to get rid of the pest problem in walls altogether.

Warranty Policy

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In exchange for a higher purchase price, you get something else – an excellent warranty. James Hardie offers an excellent warranty on their products – the protection lasts 30 years and is transferable, which means that the future owner of your home can also count on support in the event of a defect. This, of course, affects the value of your property when it is sold.

Is James Hardie Siding Overpriced?

James Hardie’s most popular product, Hardie Plank, usually costs about 30-50% more than standard vinyl siding. At first, it may seem that the price differences are really big, and that the person who decides on the more expensive solution is overpaying. However, this is not true.

First of all, fiber cement is much more durable than vinyl. As we have already mentioned, the lifespan is incomparably greater, making the higher inital cost simply a charge for a longer product life. This is due, among other things, to up to 5 times greater thickness and a material that is UV resistant, which cannot be said of vinyl.

James Hardie is also recognizable, which can increase the value of your home when reselling it. Like it or not, everyone pays attention to brands. Just like for a reputable car, we are willing to pay more for premium siding which simply makes economic sense to purchase it.

Is James Hardie The Best Siding In The U.S.?

Reading this article, you may get the impression that we consider siding from James Hardie to be the best possible product on the market. In fact, this is partly true, however, we try to avoid such bold statements. Certainly, fiber cement is a very good material, with performance far exceeding the specifications of vinyl or wood.

Contrary to popular belief, James Hardie is not the only manufacturer of fiber cement siding boards – the company competes with brands such as GAF, Nichiha and Finex. Of course, it is Hardie Plank that is best known, but best siding contractors in Chicago as well as many stores offer a wide range of products from other brands. It is not worth limiting yourself to one brand because you may find that you can get exactly the same quality for a noticeably lower price.

However, we must admit that Hardie Plank (as well as all other James Hardie products) is a safe choice that you will most likely be satisfied with. The use of fiber cement on the walls of a building guarantees aesthetics, comfort and safe operation. It’s essentially a basic product that may not be as avant-garde as ACM panels and stone veneer but also not major drawbacks. Therefore, we can’t say that James Hardie is the best siding on the market, as each house will require slightly different solutions. However, we can say that it is an excellent solution and you will almost certainly be happy with it.

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