When Is It Time to Get My Roof Repaired?

When Is A Good Time to Get My Roof Repaired?

Figuring out when it is time to get your roof repaired is one of the most important steps to proper home maintenance. While you may hope your roof has a long and uneventful life, it is unwise to bet on smooth sailing. Instead, it makes far more sense to know the signs that indicate it is time to get your roof repaired (or, at least, inspected). Investing in inspections and preventative maintenance helps keep your roof in top shape, but inclement weather and accidents still happen.

Hopefully, your roof continues to serve its purpose without any issue for years to come. However, it is far more likely that you will eventually need to repair it. Keeping in mind the points in this article will help you keep tabs on the health of your roof. Keeping a close eye on your roof is essential because failing to pay attention to the warning signs can cost you far more than mere maintenance ever would have. In some cases, mismanaged roofs need to be completely replaced to be safe and effective once again.

When Is It Time to Get My Roof Repaired?
When Is It Time to Get My Roof Repaired?

Indicators From the Roof Itself

As a homeowner, you need to keep tabs on numerous indications that it is time to get your roof repaired. Among the most visible indicators is when your shingles begin to develop curled edges. Additionally, shingle tabs will start to become cupped, and shingles may show bald patches from erosion. Eroded shingles eventually develop cracks and split open, causing leaks and water damage.

These factors become especially prevalent with age. A roof that is 15 years old is far likelier to have these issues than one that is five years old. This is exacerbated by the fact that modern shingles have improved durability and weather resistance compared to older counterparts. Nevertheless, no matter how good your shingles are, improper ventilation can eat away at them surprisingly quickly.

Let’s Talk About Algae Growth

Algae growth can lead to dark-colored streaks on your roof. Usually, this does not damage a roof, but it can make it look quite ugly. This damages curb appeal and resale value. Algae streaks can actually be removed by most homeowners with an equal mixture of water and bleach. If you decide to remove algae from your shingles yourself, just make sure to use a garden hose. Anything with higher water pressure can damage your shingles by eroding their protective granules. Be sure not to let bleach runoff into any landscaping or garden beds too.

Moss is another problem for asphalt shingles, especially in much wetter climates that experience cool temperatures. However, moss can actually do significant damage to shingles over time. Moss keeps huge amounts of water after rain and in humid conditions, adding to the weight load of your roof. Your shingles can also be damaged as moss freezes and thaws, expanding and contracting with the temperature. While moss is easy to remove, it will simply regrow if the root problem is not fixed. If you do not know what is causing moss to grow on your shingles, call in an expert roofing company to help you.


Other Factors

Other times you should get your roof repaired are when trying to sell your home or renovating. A maintained or fully replaced roof helps your home stand out from the curb but also adds property value. Another aspect to keep in mind is when your neighbors repair their roofs. In many neighborhoods, adjacent homes were built near or at the same time. That means your roof may need to be repaired or inspected around the time your neighbors’ roofs do.

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