Best Stucco Services - Repair, Replacement, Cleaning

Is the stucco on your house dirty or damaged? Or maybe the pigment has lost its original color and is pale? If so, we will be happy to help you make the necessary repairs. Our specialists have been doing exterior work for 20 years. Using cutting-edge tools and products from leading brands, we provide the best stucco services in Chicagoland.

stucco services chicagoland
stucco services chicagoland
stucco services chicagoland

Is Stucco a Premium Product?

Although this technology is primarily used to finish luxury estates, plaster can be an interesting alternative to composite siding or ACM panels. We offer solutions for every budget – both cheaper ones and those geared towards the most demanding customers. Working for hundreds of clients from all over Chicagoland, we have repeatedly renovated less grandiose homes, which has not prevented us from achieving stunning results. For more on this topic, see our projects tab.

Why is it Worth Replacing Your Current Cladding?

old damaged stucco
old damaged stucco

When replacing old plaster with new, or getting rid of damaged vinyl siding, you may decide to replace the thermal insulation of the entire house. Although this involves an additional expense, treat it as an investment that will lower heating and air conditioning costs, reduce the risk of mold, and increase the comfort of your home.

New stucco also improves the aesthetics of your home, which can affect its market value. If you’re planning to sell your property in the coming years, it’s essential to think about carrying out a proper renovation.

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We serve homeowners from all over Cook county. We appear most often in Wheeling, Winnetka, Chicago, Evanston and Lincoln Park.

Due to its proximity to the lake, replacing stucco during the winter may not be possible. You need to know that the stucco setting process does not proceed properly if the air temperature is low or there is a lot of water in it. For this reason, we do not undertake such projects in the off-season, which, as a rule, is from April to October. It is worth contacting us in advance to sign up for the first possible date. In January, the queue can already be very long.

Incompetent cleaning with a pressure washer can cause very extensive damage. The jet of water can damage not only the facade, but also the windows and even the gutters. In addition, you may not be able to find the right chemicals, and a poorly chosen detergent may not be efficient enough or even begin to dissolve the plaster.