Ice Dam & Snow Removal Services

Snow and Ice Removal Services in Chicagoland

Snow and ice pose a serious threat. Because of the pressure they exert, they can damage your roof and gutters, and in an uncontrolled landslide, they can even kill a person. Also, the melting process itself can go wrong, as the water that collects can cause mold in your home’s attic. That’s why it’s very important to regularly order ice and snow removal services. For just a small fee, we will take care of cleaning the entire roof, so you can be sure that your home will be safe.


Below you will find suggested prices for snow removal and icicle removal services. These include one bag of calcium chloride. Each additional bag costs $30. Contact customer service to find out when we can send a team of our specialists to you.

Western and Northern Suburbs (North Shore)

$550 Monday – Friday ($280 each additional hour per crew)
$650 Saturday -Sunday ($320 each additional hour per crew)

Chicago (Further Areas)

$650  Monday- Friday ($280 each additional hour per  crew)
$750 Saturday-Sunday ($320 each additional hour per crew) 

Note: All services under $1,000 have to be secured with a credit card on file. The credit card that you have provided will be charged at the end of the service along with how long the project took and before and after pictures being sent to you.

How are ice dams forming?

ice damming snow removal chicago northshore chicagoland

After a week of snow and cold, there are a lot of homes with heavy snow and massive icicles on them tonight. With warmer weather and rain on the way, all that weight could cause damage to your home.

The most important thing you can do right now, is go outside and safely try removing the snow at the end of your gutters before the thaw, otherwise it could cause an ice dam. If this proved difficult, you can contact us for our licensed snow removal services.

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What Is an Ice Dam?

Ice dams may form when water from melting snow freezes into ice at the edge of your roofline. Without proper roof snow removal, the ice that develops may grow large enough to prevent water from melting snow from properly draining off the roof.
It happens by the snow melting further up the roof where the heat is, and when it melts underneath, it runs down to the edge and freezes.

After a while, more and more ice could build up and could freeze under almost any type of roofing material and cause leaking. Ice damming can cause serious damage to the entire structure of your roof.

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It is difficult to point out the amount of snow that does not pose a threat. In practice, a layer up to 2-3 inches thick exerts so little pressure on the roof that it is not necessary to call in specialists, but accumulating ice can be an alarm signal. The thicker the snow, the greater the risk of damage and can pose a danger to people around.

It happens that in case of continuous precipitation, it is necessary to remove the accumulated snow on a daily basis.