Homeowner Roofing Safety Tips

Watch Rooftops for Ice Dams, Use Caution in Snow Removal

Removing Snow On Roof
Removing Snow On Roof

After a snowstorm, a structure may experience ice damming, which occurs when insufficient insulation causes snow on a roof’s surface to melt, and refreeze on a lower portion of the roof.

The result can be a leak in a building’s interior. NRCA advises homeowners and building owners to remove snow on the roof only if it can be done from ground level with a roof rake or an extended-handle broom. If not, contact a professional roofing contractor.

If you own a house, you are accountable for maintaining your homes roof. Some homeowners leave all roofing system upkeep and evaluation responsibilities to a roof repair expert. However, other property owners are comfortable carrying out activities such as cleaning gutter systems. The NRCA dissuades house owners from stepping on their roofings and recommends property owners recruit a roof repair professional for any work that must be performed on the roof. Prior to you carry out work involving your roof, you should understand some roof repair security fundamentals.

For instance, there are numerous threats involved when making use of extension ladders, including falls and electrocution. The positioning of a ladder is important.

Extension ladders must be set on a solid footing and have appropriate safety feet to prevent displacement at the bottom. The top of the ladder need to be firmly tied off to your home and extend 3 feet above the landing area to enable you to hold it as you exit the ladder. The base of the ladder must be 1 foot away from the structure for every single 4 feet of structure height. A common method to determine this is to stand at the base of the ladder and extend your arms straight; they must simply touch the ladder.

Always keep ladders– specifically aluminum ladders– at least 10 feet away from electrical lines. Electrical line sheathing is for deterioration protection just. If you or the aluminum ladder you are holding touch an electrical line, you could be electrocuted. Even wood ladders can conduct electrical energy.

Additionally, constantly keep your belt buckle in between the ladder rails, and maintain three points of contact with the ladder at all times. Never ever carry anything up or down a ladder that might cause you to lose your balance.

Following are some other safety pointers to bear in mind:

  • – Constantly wear non-skid construction footwear.
  • – All electrical cords and tools need to have ground fault circuit interrupter protection to assist prevent electrical shocks.
  • – If you are working alone, make certain someone understands you are dealing with your roofing system.
  • – Have your cellular phone with you and located where it will still be handy if you fall.
  • – Never ever deal with your roofing system after consuming alcohol or medications that trigger sleepiness.
  • – On hot days, drink plenty of fluids and take regular breaks.
  • – Working while well-rested will assist you do and feel your best.
  • – After a heavy snowfall, you might be worried about the quantity of snow on your roofing; nevertheless, getting on your roof to remove now is dangerous. Long-handled snow rakes permit you to eliminate snow from the ground. Removing huge amounts of snow off a steep slope must be done by roof professionals.

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