Everything You Need to Know about Gutters

Everything You Need to Know about Gutters

Rain gutters are a small but important component of a homes roofing system and a long-lasting investment in the infrastructure of your home. 

At A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc., we are happy to help with the installation, inspection, and maintenance of gutters. We are roofing experts who take the protection of your home and roof seriously, and we understand better than anyone just how crucial gutters and their care can be!

Gutter installation
Gutter installation

What Are Gutters?

Gutters are troughs that collect rain running down a roof. These troughs collect the rain and channel it to downspouts that carry the rain water to the ground to protect your siding, windows, doors and structure

In the course of collecting water, rain gutters also gather leaves, pine needles, and other debris which can cause blockages throughout the gutter system itself or in some cases in the downspouts. In dry conditions clogged gutters are a fire hazard; and throughout heavy rains, blocked gutters and downspouts can trigger rainwater to overflow, potentially causing significant damage to your home’s structure, landscaping and basement.

Gutter Types

The most common kind of rain gutter used today is the open rain gutter, which is available in conventional lengths for do-it-yourselfers. Gutters are  also available as constant roll-formed seamless gutter systems, which need to be set up by a specialist like A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. A lot of property gutters been available in 2 sizes– 5″ and 6″– and are made of either aluminum, steel, zinc, vinyl, or copper in a conventional “K” style.

The common 5 inch K-style rain gutter includes 2 x 3 inch downspouts. A bigger household rain gutter system would include 6 inch K-style gutter using a 3 x 4 inch downspout. One foot of 5″ K-Style gutter holds 1.2 gallons of water. One foot of 6″ K-Style gutter system holds 2.0 gallons of water. For business applications, box gutters, can be made in 7, or 8 inches and even larger custom-made sizes that hold much more water.

Gutter with debris
Gutter with debris

Gutter Guards

Gutter system guards, a type of leaf security, permit water to flow easily through the rain gutter bottom, while preventing debris from falling into the gutter and interrupting the flow.

Gutter guards have recently grown in popularity as they save homeowners time by minimizing gutter cleanouts. Though it adds cost to the preliminary installation, the installation of gutter guards pay for themselves over the years by eliminating costs connected with rain gutter cleaning which can range from $50 to $250 depending upon the size of your house and number of gutters and preventing structural damage in the process. While not all gutter guards are created equal when it comes to efficiency, some extra protection when it come to the safety and condition of your home is better than none. 

Gutter Maintenance

Even if you use guards on your gutters, both they and your roof require maintenance. If you have open rain gutters, they ought to be cleaned a minimum of twice a year: in the Spring after trees bud, dropping flowers acorns, and seed pods; and in the fall after they drop their leaves. Depending on weather where you live, an additional cleaning or more may likewise be essential.

If you likewise have a low-sloped roof, even gutter guards can not prevent all debris from collecting on your roof, so simple roof and gutter maintenance is needed. A simple cleaning with a broom or blower is all that is needed in addition to manually removing any large clump. Loose debris that sits on and builds up on a roof is a fire hazard, stresses your roof, causes water backup problems, and can age your roof faster.

Gutter maintenance
Gutter maintenance

Why A.B. Edward?

The experienced gutter contractors at A.B. Edward specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of gutters, gutter covers, and downspouts for both residential and commercial customers. As a family owned and operated company, since 2003 we serve the entire Chicagoland area including the North Shore and local suburban IL areas. We are prompt, efficient, and have high esteem with our customers. Check out what others are saying online about our company.

Need new seamless gutters installed? Professional gutter cleaning services? Call our gutter and downspout contractors at A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc in Wheeling, IL today for a free estimate! (847) 827-1605

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