Benefits Of Having A Natural Slate Roof

The Benefits Of Having A Natural Slate Roof

There’s more to the roofing world than just asphalt – natural slate shingles are a great option when considering a new roof for your home. Check out the benefits of having a slate roof.

Natural Slate Roof Chicagoland
Natural Slate Roof

Slate shingles are tough weatherproofed stone

You may have noticed that slate appears not only on the outside of buildings as roofs but is also a popular flooring material too! The durability and longevity of this stone has made it a favorite to homeowners and contractors alike. Even though newer materials and man-made materials are available on the market, slate shingles continue to rank as a favorite among homeowners. The inherent toughness of stone makes slate much more resistant to high winds during stormy seasons and the extreme temperatures of summer and winter.

Slate Roof Shingles Chicago North Shore
Slate Roof Shingles

Natural slate is also one of the few roofing materials on the market that is non-combustible and fire-proof making it a safe choice. Maintenance of slate roofing tiles is also easier than traditional asphalt shingles, and complete roof replacements are rarely needed. Many slate roofs last for at least 50 years, making total roof replacements a thing of the past.

Slate is an all natural stone – meaning it will have beautiful color variations and a textured appearance even once it begins to show signs of wear. In fact, compared to other roofing materials natural slate shingles age more gracefully – with wear highlighting natural beauty in the shingles. No two slate roofs will ever look exactly the same so you are guaranteed a uniquely beautiful roof for your home.

It also is less intensive on the environment as there are no toxic chemicals used in production and can be easily recycled after use as a roof or floor.

Give your home an elegant and durable natural slate roof!
Give your home an elegant and durable natural slate roof!

With a natural slate roof your house will look elegant and the value of your home may increase. But don’t think this option is only for residential buildings, commercial buildings can also benefit from the addition of a natural slate roof. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, natural slate roofing is a viable and durable option worth investigating.  If you want to see our options for natural slate roofing tiles we’ve put them all in one easy spot so you can compare!

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