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VMZINC coils are available in seven different colors

About Zinc Coils / Vmzinc – Roofing Products

Our coil standard widths are meter wide and 19.7” in all colors (QUARTZ-ZINC, ANTHRA-ZINC, Natural zinc, PIGMENTO red, PIGMENTO blue, PIGMENTO brown, and PIGMENTO green) and standard gauges are .7mm .8mm 1mm and 1.5mm. Custom widths are available on request.

VMZINC coils can be ordered between 1500 lbs. up to 8800 lbs.

  • 0.7mm (0.027”, 24 gage equivalent thickness) 1.02 lbs/sf,
  • 0.8mm (0.031”, 22 gage equivalent thickness) 1.18 lbs/sf,
  • 1.0mm (0.039”, 20 gage equivalent thickness) 1.48 lbs/sf,
  • 1.5mm (0.059”, 16 gage equivalent thickness) 2.21 lbs/sf,

Widths vary from:

  • 19.7” (500mm) to 49.2” (1250mm) for Natural Zinc and QUARTZ-ZINC*
  • 19.7” (500mm) to 39.4” (1000mm) for PIGMENTO* and ANTHRA-ZINC*
  • *smaller widths are are available on request in 5 mm (0.1875 in) increments
  • QUARTZ-ZINC coils are also available in 48” wide material as a standard.


Our standard sheet widths are 39.4” (meter wide) and with a length of 10’ in gauges of .7mm, .8mm 1mm and 1.5mm. Custom widths and cut to lengths are also available by request.

Zinc Properties:

Umicore’s zinc as a building material is actually an alloy. It is 99.995% pure zinc, produced by an electrolytic process, alloyed with traces of copper and titanium added in controlled quantities. These elements reduce brittleness when cold and increase creep resistance. Zinc will get hot as it is subjected to the sun.  The maximum surface temperature of QUARTZ ZINC is 176°F and the maximum surface temperature of ANTHRA ZINC is 190°F.  Caution should be used when handling the zinc.  Even if the ambient temperature is, for example, 70°F, the zinc can still reach its maximum surface temperature.