Wilmette IL

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Wilmette IL is known for its excellent schools and urban forest. The reputation of this town is steeped in excellence – as are it’s homes! We have been proud to offer our home exterior services in the Wilmette IL area for over 15 years and look forward to continuing our work in the area. 


A roof is critical to the safety of your home. Your roof keeps moisture, show, and the elements out of your home. A roof that has several leaks, missing shingles, holes in your roof, or is very old – needs replacement. Replacing your roof is needed as soon as you know these problems exist. Roof replacement is the best way to ensure your home stays free of moisture damage once you have several problems. A new roof is a great investment too as it contributes to your curb appeal and can actually increase the sale value of your house. 

Replacing your roof is a great time to consider your roof’s material. There are many options on the market for homeowners. We offer asphalt, slate, cedar, metal, and synthetic materials as our top roofing options. Many roofing materials have different benefits from each other – some are more eco-friendly others are more low maintenance and others still are more long lasting. It’s important to talk to your contractor about which material is best for you.

Repairing your roof is needed if your roof has more minor damage. Loose shingles, roof leaks, and cracked shingles require roof repair. Repair keeps the damage on your roof from spreading to other areas. It’s important to call a professional roofing contractor to undertake your roof repairs. A contractor fixes your roof and checks for damage you do not notice and may be hidden. They also give you advice regarding future maintenance for your roof. 


Siding is a large part of your home’s curb appeal and value. Cracked, damaged, or missing sections of siding hurt both your home’s appeal as well as exposes your house to the elements. Siding needs to be replaced in these conditions as your home’s structure is at risk of severe damage. Replacing your siding removes the damaged siding and old underwrap and installs a new wrap and siding to keep your home dry and safe from the elements. We carry vinyl, cedar, and fiber cement as primary siding options. 

Small cracks and minor issues are fixed with a less involved siding repair. Repairing your siding needs to be done as soon as possible to prevent structural or more severe damage from happening to your home. Siding repair needs to be done by a professional to make sure no moisture gets trapped within your home behind the siding. Repaired sidings keeps your home looking great and safe from the elements. 


Gutters work alongside your roof to keep your home rain free. Your gutters, however, are often overlooked and go unnoticed even when there are problems. Some problems require immediate attention such as holes, missing parts, and severe blockages. In this case you need gutter replacement. This kind of damage causes roof leaks and damage, and even causes your basement foundation to have leaks and seepage. New gutters improve the value of your home as they protect it better from water damage. 

If your gutters only have small cracks, blockages, or loose areas coming away from the house, gutter then you need gutter repair. Gutter repair fixes your gutters and keeps them from needing replacement. Gutters that are in good repair and work well protect your home from water and structural damage so call a contractor as soon as you notice problems. A contractor fixes the damage, checks for hidden damage and advises you on regular maintenance to make them last longer. Be sure to also ask them about installing gutter guards to keep your gutters free of leaves and debris longer. 


Windows impact your curb appeal and energy bills. Cracked, damaged, and old windows harm your curb appeal as they don’t look good and are not appealing to potential buyers. They also leak air in and out of your house – both hot and cold! Meaning year round your windows are costing you money in heating and cooling costs. Installing new windows improves the look and appeal of your home and saves you money on energy cost as new windows are more energy efficient. We also carry skylights, rooflights, sun tunnels, and can undertake custom orders too! Improve your home with new windows for a better looking home and lower bills. 


Just like your windows your doors are a contributing factor to your curb appeal and home value. Damaged and old doors will be easily noticed by your guests and potential homebuyers. Old doors are also drafty and not energy efficient. Drafts make your bills go up and cost you more money year round. A new state of the art door will keep your home safe, make it look great, and save you money in the long run!


There’s no better way to introduce nature into your home than by using stonework. Natural stone looks luxurious, is versatile, and is a great addition to any home. Use stone for your patio, flooring, siding, a fireplace, and more! Stone comes in a wide variety of colors and textures so make sure to explore your options. Once you have decided on a stone project our masonry experts will be able to help you decide which stone is right for the job and make the vision you have for your home a reality. 

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