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Wheeling IL serves as a cultural center for many groups and is known for its nearby airport as well. The city of Wheeling IL also is host to many beautiful homes and properties that we have been serving since 2003 with 6000+ homeowners with 10,000+ jobs completed !


Your roof is a big part of your curb appeal, home value, and one of the top items protecting you from the elements. Keep your roof in the best condition possible with roofing repair. Roof repair is for when your roof has small leaks, loose shingles, and other issues that typically arise when it rains, storms, or starts to age. Repairing your roof the moment you notice issues is imperative to helping your roof last a long time. Be sure to call a professional contractor as attempting to do this work yourself could result in further damage to your roof. 

If your roof is too damaged or old it will need to be replaced. Roof replacement occurs when the damage is too much to repair or the roof is too old or in poor condition. Replacing your roof is important to keep your home safe from water and the elements. Roof replacement gives you peace of mind each time it rains and a new roof increases your home value and curb appeal. A new roof impresses potential buyers and appraisers alike because it is guaranteed to do its job well. 

Replacing your roof lets you pick a new roof material if you like! There are many excellent options for your roof on the market. We carry asphalt, cedar, metal, synthetic materials, and slate as our primary options for roofing. Each material has its own strengths and benefits so be sure to ask which is the best fit for your home. Make sure you take energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, cost, and maintenance into account before making your final decision!


Gutters are just as important as your roof but often overlooked. Your gutters work with your roof to keep your home safe and dry. These often forgotten pieces of your home exterior need to be repaired as soon as problems arise if they are to continue doing their job. Gutter repairs are needed when there are small blockages, cracks, loose sections, and minor holes. A gutter repair contractor fixes these issues and helps you maintain your gutters so they last longer. Ask your contractor about investing in gutter guards too – they keep your gutters free of leaves, twigs, and more for longer!

Gutters that are too badly damaged need replacement. Replacing your gutters resolves gutter problems for years to come. Badly damaged gutters flood your roof and make it leak, and also wash away your top soil from your foundation. We offer vinyl, cladding, and aluminum for our primary gutter materials. New gutters keep your home safe from leaks, flooding, and more! Replace your gutters sooner rather than later to keep your home in top condition!


Your siding impacts your curb appeal and home value. Cracked and damaged siding needs repair in order to help extend its lifespan. Small issues can be repaired by a professional siding contractor. A siding contractor repairs your siding issues, checks for damage that is hidden like dry rot, and gives you advice on how to best care for your siding. Repair your siding sooner rather than later so more damage doesn’t occur or spread throughout your siding and home. 

Siding replacement is needed when the damage to your siding is beyond repair. Replacing your siding ensures your home stays moisture and pest free for as long as possible. We offer several options for new siding and protective underwraps, which are often replaced at the same time as your siding. Vinyl, cedar, and fiber cement are our primary materials for siding. Replace your siding as soon as you notice a problem to prevent severe damage to your home. 


Your windows contribute to your curb appeal and home value. Old and broken or damaged windows not only make your home look bad, they decrease the overall value of your home property. Damaged or ill fitting windows also leak air in and out causing drafts. Drafty windows increase your home energy bills and cost you more money. Installing a new window that is energy efficient makes  your home look great and saves you cash! If you don’t need new windows – we also have skylights and sun tunnels available to spruce up your home and make it state of the art! 


Stonework is a great way to add a bit of nature to your home. Stone is a highly versatile material to work with so use it as your siding, patio, in your kitchen, and more! The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating stone into your house. Be sure to ask our masonry experts about which stone is the best option for your next project- we have a variety of colors, textures, and strengths! 


Doors also contribute to your home value and curb appeal. Worn out doors are bad for first impressions of potential buyers and your guests. These kind of worn out and old doors also leak air and cause drafts in your home. Drafts increase your energy and heating and cooling bills – costing you more money than you need to pay! A new door remedies the draft issue and helps your home look great! Invest in a new door to get the most out of your house.