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West Chicago IL is a beautiful western suburb known for its beautiful homes and unique history. We have been serving the West Chicago IL area since 2003 and look forward to continuing our work in the area!


Your roof is crucial when it comes to protecting your home from the rain and elements. Roofing replacement is needed when your roof has several leaks, is missing shingles, or there are holes in your roof. Replacing your roof stops rain and water from getting in and causing damage to your home and its internal structure. A new roof gives you peace of mind when it rains or snows. Make sure you call a professional contractor to replace your roof when it’s time as they have special training and tools to get the job done correctly. 

Replacing your roof also lets you pick a new kind of material for your house. Each roofing material on the market has its own unique benefits. Some are more eco-friendly while others are more low-maintenance. We currently carry asphalt, cedar, synthetic, slate, and metal as our main roofing materials. If you’re not sure which material is right for you be sure to ask your roofing contractor. 

Sometimes your roof has sustained damage but does not need a complete replacement. Repairing your roof is important when it comes to avoiding roof replacement. Loose shingles, small leaks, and cracked shingles are all signs you need to have your roof repaired. As soon as you notice any problems call a contractor to repair your roof to prevent further damage to your home and its structure. 


Siding is another large factor when it comes to curb appeal and home value. Faded, cracked, and siding with dry rot or missing pieces is going to hurt your curb appeal and cause damage to your home. Badly damaged siding needs replacement as soon as possible. Replacing your siding is a critical part of making sure your home stays protected from the elements. Often times it involves also replacing the protect underwrap on your home as well in order to keep it water and weatherproof. We offer vinyl, cedar, and fiber cement as our primary siding options for our West Chicago IL customers. 

Repairing your siding is the best option when your siding has cracks or loose sections. Small areas of damage can easily grow into large trouble spots that end up costing you more in the long run, so it’s important to call a contactor as soon as you notice something. A contractor fixes your siding problems, checks for further and hidden damage on your home, and helps you determine the best way to care for your siding so it lasts as long as possible. 


Gutters work with your roof to keep your home free of water and moisture. They collect the water from rain and melting snow and move it away from your house and deposit it elsewhere via  downspout. The way gutters work means less stress on your roof and foundation. Broken and severely blocked gutters cause roof leaks and damage as well as basement seepage and foundation problems and exposure. Replace your gutters before these problems are out of control and costing you hundreds more in repair costs. 

Small cracks, loose sections, and minor blockages don’t require replacement – just a quick gutter repair! Gutter repair extends the life of your gutters and protects your home. repairing your gutters as soon as a problem is noticed is crucial to the lifespan of your gutters and the safety of your home. a gutter repair contractor fixes these problems and advises you on future gutter care to make them last as long as possible. Often times they also will advise about products like gutter guards which keep your gutters and roof debris free longer. 


Natural stone is an elegant and versatile material that makes a wonderful addition to any home. Stonework can be used in the kitchen for flooring and backsplashes, as a fireplace, outside as siding, and more! Our masonry experts are here to help you decided where to use stone for maximum impact and increase you curb appeal. Be sure to ask about the variety of natural textures and colors we offer as there are dozens to choose from!


Your windows say a lot about your house – so what do yours say? Damaged, old, or cracked windows are immediate negative impacts on your curb appeal, they also hurt your home value! Old windows also cost you money! The drafts caused by old windows drives up your heating and cooling costs. Invest in new, energy efficient, and state of the art windows for your home. We also carry skylights, sun tunnels, and are able to undertake custom orders as well. 


Doors are very similar to windows in that they contribute to both your curb appeal and your energy costs. Old and ill fitting doors drive down home value and discourage potential buyers. Doors that have drafts also cause your energy bills to go up. Save money on heating and cooling while upgrading your home value with a new door. 

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