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Turada® Hardwood Shingles

Turada® Hardwood Shingles (847) 827-1605
Turada® Hardwood Shingles (847) 827-1605

Turada® hardwood shingles are highly valued and specified by architects, designers and builders worldwide. These hardwood shingles are used in Australia, South Africa, Mauritius, the Polynesian Islands, the Middle-East, the United States and throughout the Caribbean. Examples of projects include prestigious resorts, hotels, villas and private residences.

Our best selling product is the Turada® Hardwood Shingle, which is a cedar shingle alternative. Unlike traditional cedar shingles, Turada® Hardwood Shingles do not need to be treated, they excel in severe weather locations, and last a lifetime.

Additionally, unlike cedar shingles, they are also fire resistant, mold resistant, and insect resistant, making Turada® Hardwood Shingles the best choice for replacing your cedar shingles.


Turada® Hardwood Shingles are derived from Wallaba, a tree that grows naturally in the forests of Guyana. Our shingles are extremely environment friendly, since unlike cedar they do not need to be treated with chemicals. Our product has been used as a quality cedar replacement for years now, and homeowners love it!

Tropical Timberwoods Inc (TTI) operates all aspects of its forestry operations in accordance with all international and national conventions and regulations. TTI understands that healthy forestry practices are essential to the longevity of our industry. TTI supports bio diversity and works with local government agencies to promote efficient low impact logging to ensure sustainable forest management.

TTI’s operation principles conform with all international and national rules and regulations. TTI protects all species listed by the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species. TTI is an environmentally responsible company and believe that wood is truly the only “Green” building material. TTI produces and/or distributes lumber products that do not require chemical treatment for their exterior applications providing no adverse effects on the environments they are installed in. TTI’s marine products are more durable than conventional options and resistant to marine borers. This equates to less material used and no chemical in the water.

Turada Hardwood Shingles will add a touch of rustic elegance to your project.

These shingles are aesthetically pleasing, highly durable and complement the cross-section where quality and beauty intersect. If you desire an authentic country roof look, there is no substitute.

The Turada® Hardwood Shingle is a green building product that requires no chemical treatment. Consequently, these shingles have no adverse effects on the environment in which they are installed. Turada® Wallaba Shingles are naturally resistant to insects and decay. They have the highest Fire-Resistance Rating and meet a Class “A, B or C” Fire Rated Roof System per ASTM E108 with absolutely no chemical treatment.

TTI Support Documents

• – Guyana Forestry Commission Code of Practice for Timber Harvesting. 2nd edition

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• – Guyana Forestry Commission Sustainable Forest Management

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ITTO: International Tropical Timber Organization
TFF: Tropical Forest Foundation
WWF: World Wildlife Foundation

Wallaba vs Cedar Shingle Comparison

What is Wallaba? Wallaba is a dense tropical hardwood which is grown in the forest of Guyana, Suriname, and Brazil.  The wood is light red to reddish‐brown in color. The wood has a very high density and the texture is rather coarse with grain that is typically straight. Wallaba consists of high gum exudates and oily resin which are part of the properties that fight against insects and decay.    Wallaba wood was mainly known for its use as shingles and transmission poles for centuries.  Other usage includes rail road ties, industrial flooring, decking, fence post, etc.

A quick Comparison:

Category Wallaba Cedar
Weathering Bright Silver Dull Grayish Color
Endurance 40+ years without treatment 10-20 years with treatments
Fire Resistance Naturally Resistant Not Naturally Resistant
Decay Naturally Resistant Not Naturally Resistant
Janka Hardness 350 pounds per ft 2040 pounds per ft
Hurricane Resistance Category 5 Unknown


As you can see from the table above, Wallaba shingles naturally outperform Cedar shingles. At Tropical Timberwoods Inc. We aren’t telling you not to use cedar shingles, we’re simply letting you know that there is a better alternative!

The environmental impacts can be huge, Turada® Hardwood Shingles do not require the chemical treatments that traditional cedar shingles would need. This makes Wallaba shingles better for the environment.