St. Charles IL

Top Rated Home Exterior Services in St. Charles IL 

St. Charles IL is a historic town that sits near the Fox River. It’s known for it’s many beautiful homes, idyllic downtown area and historic properties. We are accustomed to the demands of working on historic and quality buildings like there are in St. Charles IL. 


Your roof is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Your roof keeps your home safe from the rain and the elements. Replacing your roof keeps your home in the best condition it can be. Holes in your roof, missing shingles, and multiple leaks are signs it’s time to get a new roof. A new roof prevents further damage to your home and its internal structure. We recommend you call a professional to replace your roof as it is an involved job that requires expertise to ensure it’s installed properly. 

Replacing your roof lets you choose a new material if you like. There are several great options for roofing materials on the market. We carry cedar, asphalt, slate, metal and synthetic materials. Each kind of roofing has it’s one benefits – so be sure to investigate which is best for you. Some are more eco-friendly, low maintenance, or affordable than others. 

In the event your roof is damaged but it is only minor – you only need roofing repair. Repairing your roof keeps you from needing roof replacement. Roof repair makes your roof last longer and keeps it looking great. Small leaks and loose shingles are the most common signs of needing roof repair. Roof repairs need to be done by a professional as well, as a seemingly small leak could have caused more internal damage. 


Gutters are one of the most overlooked parts of your home. Working in conjunction with your roof, gutters serve your home by removing water and snow from your roof. Your gutters need proper care though, and without it they will get damaged. Gutters with holes, missing sections, and that overflow need gutter replacement. Replacing your gutters protects your home from storm and snow damage. New gutters efficiently move water away from your home and give you peace of mind every time it rains. 

Sometimes your gutters will be damaged but not need total replacement. A gutter repair makes your gutters last longer and keeps your home safe and dry. Small cracks or leaks, loose areas of gutters, and minor blockages are resolved with gutter repair. Calling a contractor as soon as you notice trouble ensures a quick response and repair and prevents more damage to your home. A professional exterior contractor fixes your gutters on time, checks for damage in other areas of your roof if necessary, and advises you on how to better maintain your gutters. They may also suggest the installation of gutter guards to keep leaves, twigs, and dirt out of your gutters year round. 


Siding comprises a large portion of your curb appeal. Your siding should look good, be free of cracks and damage, and not have any dry rot. Faded, cracked and dry rot ridden siding needs immediate replacement. Bad siding hurts more than your curb appeal – it damages the internal structure of your house which is a costly repair. Siding replacement resolves all siding issues and replaces your underwrap to keep your house as weatherproof as possible. We carry traditional vinyl, fiber cement, and cedar as our most popular siding options for customers on the market. 

Damaged siding doesn’t always spell out the need for replacement. Siding repair ensures your siding lasts longer and keeps your curb appeal and home value high. Repairing your siding needs to be done as soon as you notice problems – this prevent moisture from getting trapped behind your siding and causing mold, rot, and a number of other issues. Your repair contractor fixes your siding, checks for damage to your home and its structure, and helps you decide the best way to care for your siding and extend its lifespan. 


Natural stonework is a stunning addition to any home. Adding masonry and stone brings a touch of nature into your house – and it’s a great versatile material too! Stone can be used inside or outside and in a variety of areas. Use stonework on your patio, as a fireplace, for your siding, and more! Natural luxury materials like stone increase the value and curb appeal of your home. Our team of masonry experts will help you pick the perfect stone for your next home project. 


Windows serve a role that’s not only functional but also aesthetic. The ways your windows look on your home have an impact on its curb appeal and value. Cracked, old, or damaged windows can hurt how much your home is worth. Older windows are also drafty from use and aging. Drafty windows leak air into and out of your home, keeping them from being weathertight and costing you money in heating and cooling expenses. New windows are a great investment in this case. Installing new windows boosts your curb appeal, saves you money on energy and helps your home look great! 


Your doors are just like your windows in many ways. they contribute to your curb appeal and impact your energy spending. Aged and damaged doors don’t look good when your guests visit or when it’s time to sell your home. Just like windows, they also leak air and cause your bills for heating and cooling to go up. Installing a luxury or state of the art door ensures that you don’t spend as much on energy bills. A new door also increase how  much your home is worth so talk to one of our experts to invest in a new door soon! 

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