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South Barrington IL is known for it’s shopping centers and upscale lifestyle. Along with these features, it’s also know for its luxurious homes and houses! We are looking forward to serving the South Barrington IL area with our quality home exterior services. 


Your roofing is an important part off your home structure. Your roof keeps your home safe during storms and free of water and rain damage. Roofs age and take lots of damage over time, and sometimes you will need a new roof because of this. Roof replacement is needed when you have multiple leaks, missing shingles, or your roof is too old to be repaired. Replacing your roof helps your house stay free of elemental damage and increases its value – so it’s particularly good to get a roof replacement if you think you may be selling your home soon. 

When replacing your roof there are many materials for you to consider. We offer asphalt, slate, cedar, metal, and synthetic materials as options for roof replacements. Each material has its own unique properties so if you want something more affordable, lower maintenance, or more eco-friendly be sure to look at the differences in material to find the right fit. 

Your roof may not need a complete replacement though. Roofing repair is required when there is damage but it is not severe enough to cause multiple problems. Small leaks, loose shingles, and cracked shingles require repair. Repairing your roof extends the life of your roof and holds off on replacement. We recommend having your roof repaired by a professional home exterior contractor. A contactor fixes your roof, has the training to check for further damage you may not see, and offers you advice on making your roof last as long as possible. 


Your house’s siding plays an important part in keeping your home warm and weathertight. Broken siding leads to higher energy bills, moisture damage, mold growth, and more severe issues that are costly to repair. Replacing your siding is needed once you have broken areas, severe fading, or insect infestations present. Siding replacement gives you a new siding with a new look – and we offer fiber cement, vinyl, and cedar in a variety of colors and textures. 

Siding is sometimes just damaged and needs repair instead of replacement. Repairing your siding extends the life of your current siding and keeps you from needing a replacement. Siding repair is needed for small cracks, insect nests, and small areas or dry rot. Be sure to call a professional to make sure there is no hidden or hard to see damage on your home from your damaged siding, repairing siding on your own can make these problems worse. Repair you siding as soon as you notice issues to make sure you have the best chance and not needing replacement soon. 


Your gutters are just as important as your siding, but often overlooked. Gutters work as a team with your roof to take water from rain and snow and move it away from your house. When your gutters don’t work properly, they cause roof damage and leaks and even basement seepage. Severely damaged and blocked gutters require quick replacement to make sure your home doesn’t sustain further and more expensive damage. New gutters will protect your home from rain and storms, and also improve it’s value. We carry cladding, aluminum, and copper as gutter options for your house. 

Gutters do not always need replacing when there is damage. Many times they just need a boost with gutter repair. Gutter repair services extend the life of your gutters and keeps more damage from occurring to your gutters. Repairing your gutters as soon as you notice a problem ensures minimal damage to your house so call a contractor as soon as you notice something. 


Doors have an effect on your curb appeal and your energy bills. If your doors are old new buyers will not be willing to pay as much for your home. Old doors are also drafty and leak air from your house outside. These drafts cost you money in heating and cooling bills. Save money on your bills and boost your curb appeal by investing in a new energy efficient door.


Windows are also part of your home’s curb appeal and value. Old and damaged windows don’t look good and hurt your home’s curb appeal. Windows, like doors, also cost you money in heating and cooling costs. Drafty windows let cold air in which increases how much you pay in energy bills. New, state of the art, energy efficient, windows are a great investment in your home. We also carry skylights, sun tunnels, and can do custom work too!


Natural stonework is an elegant and versatile material   in any home. Use stone inside or outside your home as siding, a patio, fireplace, flooring, and more! Our experts in masonry will help you select the best kind of stone for the job you want to do. There are dozens of textures and colors to choose from so work with us to make  your home beautiful and functional today!

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